The Tiny Always Pan I wish my Mum sent me to uni with is back in stock and on sale for £40

If I could do uni all over again, this would be my kitchen staple

Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan
(Image credit: Our Place)

Our Place has restocked their fan-favourite Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan, with an even better price slash that we're certain you'll rejoice in – especially because we think that this might just make the list when shopping for your kid's uni essentials.

We're sure you know the deal with cast iron cookware by now: it can get expensive, and quickly. However, we won't deny that we think it's a kitchen staple to have and experience for yourself at least once in your life, not only for the pure luxe feeling of owning a nice pan but also due to its sheer versatility and usage.

Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan

(Image credit: Our Place)

Our Place Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan

If you've been eyeing some contenders up, today might just be your lucky day as Our Place's Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan measuring 16.5cm, perfect for making sides to single-serve meals, is in their summer sale for only £41, down from its usual £55 price point.

'We’re excited to bring back our tiny cast iron Always Pan – a home cook favourite. We sold out of it last holiday season, with one going every two minutes after launch!' says Shiza Shahid, co-founder of Our Place. 'I love using it for all my favourite treats, from baked brie to chewy skillet cookies.'

With a lifetime limited warranty and available in the brand's full range of gorgeous colours, the Tiny Always Pan is only back in limited quantities, so if you're keen on the look of it, we advise you to act quickly as we suspect the limited-edition pan may not last on shelves for long.

Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan | was £55

Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan | was £55 now £41 at Our Place

Dubbed the 'cast iron sidekick that will last you a lifetime', the cult Always Pan's mini counterpart is the uni essential you didn't know you needed but will thank yourself for.

From making sides, to single-serve meals, to toasting spices or baking desserts, the durable reach-for-it-every-day tiny cast iron Always Pan has you covered.

Now, what if I told you that university might actually be the best time to treat your child with a cast iron pan? I know Our Place might not have been at the top of your list for the best places to buy uni essentials, but before you look at me all funny, hear me out.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you don't want to be the parent or guardian who subjects their child to the fate of owning the exact same saucepan set and dinnerware as everyone else in their flat because you bought it all from a certain affordable Swedish brand. It doesn't hurt to let your child have a little individuality, even in something as trivial as dorm living.

Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan

(Image credit: Our Place)

Not only that, but our Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary, also vouches so heavily for Our Place cookware. 'I'm lucky enough to have the full-size cast iron Always Pan and it's safe to say I'm obsessed with it,' she starts.

'It's one thing guests that come over for dinner always comment on and it's so versatile for every meal of the day. Some of my favourite uses for it are for shakshuka in the mornings and baked salmon for dinner parties.'

'The new mini versions are so adorable that I'm tempted to pick one up to accompany my larger one – it would be great for single portions when I'm just making breakfast for myself,' adds Molly. 'And the colour range never misses!'

Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan

(Image credit: Our Place)

In retrospect, the Tiny Always Pan is a kitchen essential I wish I had during my time at uni. As Molly mentioned, the selection of colours is gorgeous and the size of the pan is ideal for single-serve meals, perfect for eating straight out of the pan (come on, it's uni, who's truly doing dishes every single time?)

Additionally, not only is Our Place one of our Ecommerce Editor's favourite brands, but it's also a fan-favourite among celebs (hey, Selena Gomez).

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