The 8ft-wide London house for sale at nearly £600k

Not much wider than the height of a tall man, this attractive terraced house has a lot to teach us about decorating a tight space

house with brick wall and trees
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They do say that big is not always better. And never has this been more true than of Noel Lodge in Ealing, which has recently been put up for sale. At just under eight foot wide, it’s a house of dinky proportions. But rather like a supermodel, this lean house isn’t lacking in any style whatsoever.

The current owners are clearly interior savvy, with the cool décor designed to maximise the amount of space on offer (52 sq m in total). Bright white paint, reflective surfaces and compact fittings all serve to make what is a relatively tiny property super comfortable.

attic kitchen with white wall and stairs

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Estate agents Savills have put the house on the market for £595,000. On the exterior picture, it’s the small two-floor house sandwiched in between two large flat blocks. Originally, the petite property was part of the building that formed Lady Byron’s School, a day school for poor children, which was opened in 1834. The ground floor of Noel Lodge is thought to have been the horse and cart entrance.

Entering on the ground floor leads you to the kitchen and dining room, then out to a communal garden, which increases the feeling of space and provides the perfect spot for a post-work tipple on a summer’s night. Bliss!

blue table and chair in garden

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The staircase leads upstairs directly from the kitchen, and there is a tiny bit of restricted head height underneath it. If you’re not particularly tall, though, this might be seen as more of a cool design feature than a problem.

stairs and painting on wall

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Upstairs on the first floor, there is one room that could be used as either a living room or second bedroom. Above that, on the second floor is the main bedroom.

living room with white wall and lamp

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Both the first floor and second floor have shower rooms, so although you’d be living on top of each other, there’s plenty of privacy.

bedroom with white wall and wooden bed

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Of course, the price is high, but terraced houses in this part of London sold for £779,119 on average in the last year, according to Rightmove. So Noel Lodge’s size has been taken into consideration, plus it is in good condition and beautifully decorated.

room with wooden floor and wooden table and chair

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Wooden floorboards and white walls provide a neutral backdrop to the striking artworks and occasional splashes of colour, which make the space feel lively. But artworks are easily changed, and those with more muted tastes will find the scheme works for them, too.

When space is tight, it’s easy to fill up with clutter, so we must say that we salute the owners for managing to fit as much into this narrow house as they have. It just goes to show what a bit of careful planning can do!