Fed up scrubbing floors? Sit back, relax and let Aldi’s robot mop do all the hard work

This floor cleaning machine is a real game-changer
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  • These days there’s a savvy tech solution for every household cleaning job. The latest on our radar is the new Aldi robot mop, a modern marvel that cleans floors automatically at the touch of a button – bliss.

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    Forget the mop and bucket and take a new approach to cleaning with Aldi’s robot mop.

    The modern mop is available now for just £159.99 exclusively online – that’s a fraction of the price of comparable models on the market.

    Aldi robot mop cleaner

    aldi robot mop

    Image credit: Aldi

    Aldi say, ‘Revolutionise your cleaning routine when you invest in this Robot Mop. With an operating time of up to 70-80 minutes, this amazing addition to your home will get those floors sparkling clean in no time, giving you some time back to relax.’

    ‘The anti-bump case and various sensors mean you won’t have to worry whilst it gets to work!’

    Key features

    Detachable water tank; wet cleaning function; 5 Hours charging time (approx.); docking station and remote control.

    For peace of mind, because £159.99 is an investment, it comes with a 3 year guarantee/warranty.

    Aldi robot mop

    Image credit: Aldi

    What are the benefits of having a robot mop?

    This futuristic cleaning solution will clean your home without you having to lift a finger – surely that’s worth every penny? Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, the smart machine uses intelligent navigation to map a room layout.

    Using this process they then clean every inch methodically, leaving you free to get on with your day, no longer a slave to the housework.

    Smart sensors prevent the device from going off track and falling down the stairs etc.

    Aldi robot mop

    Image credit: Aldi

    Buy now: Medion Robot Mop, £159.99, Aldi

    While there are many who love housework, a machine that helps out from time-to-time is still a welcome treat. There are times when even the most houseproud homeowners don’t have time to nip round and clean the floors.

    Owning a robot mop cleaning isn’t admitting defeat from cleaning chores, it’s simply a helping hand – because realistically sometimes we’re all too busy.

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    This latest cleaning gadget is ideal if you’re over the task of ‘Hinching’ your home, wanting to make more  of your valuable free time.

    Can you really put a price on smart home tech that frees up your valuable time? We think not, but in reality the price is £159.99 at Aldi.

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