Don't miss Aldi's £7.99 answer for keeping our homes spider-free forevermore

Just in time before dreaded 'spider season'

Apologies in advance to any arachnophobes among us (I include myself), but there's no way to talk about the latest must-have Specialbuy without mentioning the dreaded creatures. It is of course the invaluable Aldi spider catcher.

The eight-legged creepy crawlies are the uninvited house guests so many of us dread. Not only for the reason they make our skin crawl, but there's also the fear of how you humanely get rid of them. That's where this nifty device saves the day.

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Aldi’s spider catcher is available to pre-order online from this Sunday 23rd August, in stores from 27th August.

Must-have Aldi spider catcher

wooden flooring with spider and spider catcher

(Image credit: Aldi)

Getting spiders out of the house has long been, before now, a heart-stopping David Blaine-style trick. We all know the one, glass over the top to capture them (step back screaming, trying to compose yourself) before sliding a piece of sturdy paper behind to upturn the glass and sprint for the nearest exit.

Those fearful days are gone thanks to this latest Aldi Specialbuy. The nifty device easily removes spiders without harming them, from a safe distance. Simply aim the bristles near the creature and gently squeeze the handles together to delicately hold the crawly before releasing to set it free in the garden.

The arm on the device measures a handy 60cm! Perfect for putting enough distance between you and the spider. And also perfect for those hard to reach places and tricky corners.

white door and shelves with basket

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Cleveland)

Aldi's spider catcher device arrives to the rescue just in time, ahead of what's been dubbed 'Spider Season'. According to an expert interviewed by BBC news 'It normally begins in the first or second week of September and ends by the first week of October.'

Shoppers needn't fear the increase of eight-legged friends in their homes in the coming weeks thanks to Aldi.

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Set the reminder to pre-order on the web this Sunday, 23rd August.


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