Fans are calling Anthea Turner’s unusual tip for cleaning the garden ‘genius’

Here's one she cleaned earlier
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  • Flowers and blossom trees are some of our favourite things. However, cleaning up the tiny petals after a blossom-storm can be a nightmare. However, Anthea Turner has an unusual tip for cleaning the garden so they don’t leave a trace.

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    The former blue-peter presenter took to Instagram to share her top tip for cleaning her garden with her 51.7k followers. Instead of using a broom or a rake to clear up dropped blossom Anthea Turner swears by using a vacuum cleaner.

    Sharing a video of her vacuuming her patio on Instagram, she explained in the video: ‘I know this looks extreme but honestly it’s the easiest way, And I love it, I really love it. But it’s the only way to get rid of all the beautiful blossom that’s coming off the trees.’

    In her caption Anthea admitted to looking a bit like a madwoman, writing: ‘Hoovering the dropped blossom. OK! I know I must look like a madwoman, but honestly, it’s the easiest way to get rid of all the fallen blossom! However, I may have an ants nest living in my hoover now.’

    However, potential ants nests aside, Anthea Turner’s tip works a dream for clearing up her garden. The tip clocked up 187 comments, with many people saying that they now swear by this garden cleaning tip.

    ‘Haha, I do exactly the same 🤣🤣👏🏻👌🏠 with just the same Hoover. Love your posts,’ wrote one Instagram user.

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    ‘So I mentioned yesterday to my husband about you hoovering the patio (the things you talk about in lockdown 😂) anyway he burst in on me during my meditation this morning (😬) and shouted ‘Anthea Turner, genius idea!’ He is currently ‘hoovering’ our decking 😂!!!!’ commented another.

    You can buy purpose-built outdoor vacuums from places such as Argos for about £40. However, if you are using to pick up a few delicate blossom leaves like Anthea Turner, a regular hover should be fine to use.

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