Fans are calling Anthea Turner's unusual tip for cleaning the garden 'genius'

Here's one she cleaned earlier

Flowers and blossom trees are some of our favourite things. However, cleaning up the tiny petals after a blossom-storm can be a nightmare. However, Anthea Turner has an unusual tip for cleaning the garden so they don't leave a trace.

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The former blue-peter presenter took to Instagram to share her top tip for cleaning her garden with her 51.7k followers. Instead of using a broom or a rake to clear up dropped blossom Anthea Turner swears by using a vacuum cleaner.

Sharing a video of her vacuuming her patio on Instagram, she explained in the video: 'I know this looks extreme but honestly it's the easiest way, And I love it, I really love it. But it's the only way to get rid of all the beautiful blossom that's coming off the trees.'

In her caption Anthea admitted to looking a bit like a madwoman, writing: 'Hoovering the dropped blossom. OK! I know I must look like a madwoman, but honestly, it's the easiest way to get rid of all the fallen blossom! However, I may have an ants nest living in my hoover now.'

However, potential ants nests aside, Anthea Turner's tip works a dream for clearing up her garden. The tip clocked up 187 comments, with many people saying that they now swear by this garden cleaning tip.

'Haha, I do exactly the same 🤣🤣👏🏻👌🏠 with just the same Hoover. Love your posts,' wrote one Instagram user.


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'So I mentioned yesterday to my husband about you hoovering the patio (the things you talk about in lockdown 😂) anyway he burst in on me during my meditation this morning (😬) and shouted ‘Anthea Turner, genius idea!’ He is currently ‘hoovering’ our decking 😂!!!!' commented another.

You can buy purpose-built outdoor vacuums from places such as Argos for about £40. However, if you are using to pick up a few delicate blossom leaves like Anthea Turner, a regular hover should be fine to use.

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Are you tempted to vacuum your patio?

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