The 13 worst garden trends of all time revealed – how many are you guilty of?

Some might surprise you!
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  • There are some on the list of worst garden trends of all time that won’t shock you – but also some we’re actually quite fond of.

    But like when it comes to decorating your home, how you finish your garden is completely personal to your tastes. If you love it, it can’t ever really be wrong.

    Lighthearted new research, commissioned by Draper Tools, asked those who own a garden to name their worst garden trends of all time. Four in 10 admitted that they regret some decisions they’ve made in relation to their own garden choices.

    The best and worst garden trends of all time emerged from the study. With bird feeders and vegetable patches among the best, and gnomes and fake grass among the worst.

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    Take a look at the complete list of least popular garden trends of all time…

    Top 13 worst garden trends of all time

    Garden gnome in a football shirt worst garden trends

    Ideal Home – Gnomes topped the list as the worst garden trend of all time

    1. Garden gnomes

    There’s no denying, you either love or loathe these little garden characters. Asda bring out a new range every season and they sell-out in no time, so clearly they are well loved?!

    2. Fake grass

    worst garden trends

    Image credit: TI Media

    When it comes to artificial grass, there are those that can’t believe it’s a thing, and those that have been happy to drop the tiresome task of mowing the lawn. We’re definitely split on this one.

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    3. Plastic ornaments

    From windmills to old boots, the general feeling from this study is that plastic decorations are somewhat of an eyesore. A trend no-no.

    4. Fake animal/bird statues

    Ornaments of the fake animal variety were also called out as a no. Whether metal, wicker or plastic faux creatures, even flamingos (?!) were cited as a bad trend.

    5. Artificial topiary balls

    As with the grass, it seems there’s a divide between those who welcome faux and those who run a mile from it. Artificial topiary balls are usually placed either side of the front door to make a first impression – not a good one for those who aren’t fans.

    6. Buddha statues

    Buddha garden statue

    For those that worship this is not a bad trend. But for those that simply picked one up a Buddha in the aisles of Wilko because it was ‘cute’ – maybe!

    7. Trampoline

    It keeps the kids entertained for hours, but the trampoline is also viewed as a garden eyesore. We can understand why they made the list for the reason of appearance.

    8. Hot tubs

    We thought everyone wanted a hot tub, but clearly not!

    9. Recycled old tires as plant containers

    Upcycling has never been more popular, or beneficial as we battle the reduction of waste. We’re on the fence for that reason.

    10. Pub in a shed

    Does this depend on how it’s finished? We are assuming those not in favour are thinking along the lines of a bar looking tacky. But quite frankly, a home bar has never been so appealing right now if you ask us.

    11. Ivy

    worst garden trends

    Image credit: Jon Day

    Essentially a weed really, isn’t it? It grows like mad and we’re not even sure it can be considered a trend?

    12. Fences painted with orange wood stain

    Squirrel coloured is how we often describe it! Given the impact a fence has on the garden contained within, there’s nothing worse than a bad wood stain leaving a bad impression.

    13. Wind chimes

    Definitely a personal taste thing. The sound is either ethereal or irritating to most.

    Image credit: David Giles

    ‘The research goes to show just how passionate we are about our gardens,’ remarks Kev Smith, head of marketing at Draper Tools. ‘Clearly those polled have pretty strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t.’

    ‘Gardens are a very personal thing and what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another, so if you’re happy with your garden then that’s all that matters.’

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    ‘But it’s certainly fascinating – and a bit of fun – to find out what people are keen on and what they’re not quite so fond of.’

    Despite it being a personal choice, around a quarter of gardeners said they make a concerted effort to keep up to date with the latest gardening trends. With three in 10 getting most of their inspiration from visiting garden centres. However 26 per cent said gardening TV programmes were also a valuable source.

    The Draper Tools study, carried out through OnePoll, surveyed 2,000 adults as part of the study.

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