Anthea Turner says this ‘trumps Pink Stuff’ when it comes to cleaning her oven!

The TV personality tells fans why this is her favourite product for the job
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  • Anthea Turner is becoming the new cleanfluencer to watch, move over Mrs Hinch. On her Instagram she’s shared a revelation by claiming she’s found an oven cleaning product that ‘trumps Pink Stuff’ – a Hinchers must-have!

    A bold statement, but as an experienced cleaning guru we trust Anthea’s judgement. So just what is this miracle oven cleaning product we need to know about?

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    Anthea shares her cleaning task with her 52.2K followers, writing, ‘NO it’s not a bl@*dy self cleaning oven 😩’. Hence her need to find the best oven cleaning product like the rest of us, to make the task a little easier.

    When a helpful follower writes, ’Try using a scrub daddy and the Pink Stuff next time. No smell and its really good 😊’ Anthea is quick to respond, ‘@whiterockscleaning trumps Pink Stuff – I found it at The Ideal Home Ex a few years ago 😍’.

    The delighted follow replies, ‘I hadn’t heard of @whiterockscleaning until today. I will look out for it. Anything for easy cleaning 😊.’ Here, here.

    What is Whiterocks cleaning product?

    Miele oven

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    Much like Pink Stuff the Whiterocks cleaning solution is an all-rounder. The cleaning brand states, ‘Whiterocks is the miracle ecological and environment friendly cleaner that can be used on almost anything.

    On the website it claims to be ‘the original revolutionary new foam action, multi task super cleaning treatment from the ceiling to the floor.’

    ‘In the kitchen, remove grease and grime from ovens and hobs to pots and pans. In the bathroom, it tackles soap scum and limescale on tiles, sinks, baths and shower screens,’

    ‘Use it to bring sparkle to chrome, silver, brass and hard plastics’. It can even be used to clean garden furniture.

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    Thank you for your comments @antheaturner. Great feedback is always appreciated . . . "#Repost @antheaturner • • • • • • London Today my appliances got a whole load of LOVE from me. You look after them and they look after you 😍😍 Everything has been pulled apart, cleaned, descaled, Washer went on an empty cycle at 60 with half a cup of Bicarbonate of Soda and a cup of white vinegar – Gleaming 💫 Funny how ever hard I try there’s always a few gifts in my filter 🙄 White Rocks I found years ago at the Ideal home show this pot arrived yesterday and will keep me going for months, it’s freaking amazing 👍 Keep on top of everything for an easy life @warrantywise #cleaning #appliances #kitchen #bicarbonateofsoda #whitevinager" . . . . .#cleaning #cleaninghaul #cleaninghacks #cleaningday #cleanqueen #cleaningblogger #homeblogger #cleanhome #cleanandtidy #cleaninglady #cleaningqueen #hinching #housework #springcleaning #springclean #lifestyleblogger #houseworkdone #cleaningproducts #lovetoclean  #cleaningmotivation #cleaningmode

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    It’s as versatile as Pink Stuff, but it is more expensive. 500g of Pink Stuff sets you back from just £3.92 whereas Anthea’s favoured cleaning product cost £19.99 for the same measure. But if it’s a s good as the cleaning guru says, surely it’s worth every penny?!

    Buy now: Pink Stuff Stardrop Paste, £3.92, Amazon
    Buy now: Whiterocks, £19.99, Whiterocks

    The former Blue Peter presenter’s Instagram is a great source for cleaning tips and tricks.

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    We’re following to see what cleaning game-changer she reveals next.

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