The Asda rose-gold Christmas tree Instagram is calling ‘EPIC’

Interior Design Masters Siobhan Murphy is already a fan
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  • Most of us love a bit of glitter and sparkle at Christmas and the new Asda rose-gold Christmas tree definitely has that and has been described as ‘EPIC’ on Instagram.

    White Christmas tree might be having a moment currently, but for those looking to stay ahead of the curve we’re predicting metallic rose-gold trees could be the next bonkers festive trend.

    Asda rose-gold Christmas tree

    We’re not the only ones that have spotted Asda’s metallic festive tree – Interior Design Masters star Siobhan Murphy has used the Asda rose-gold Christmas tree as the centrepiece of her Christmas ideas.

    Image credit: George Home

    Known for her love of colour and bold designs, Siobhan posted a picture of her Christmas tree set-up on her Instagram account @interiorcurve. Opting for candy-pink sparkly tinsel, the large rose-gold Christmas tree from Asda and two lilac-sprayed poodles, the finished display is beautifully kitsch.

    Robot-themed tree decorations, piles of baubles, candles and marshmallows all add to the eclectic effect – and there’s even a mini silver dachshund in a Santa hat!

    Rose Gold Christmas tree | £40, George Home at Asda
    The Asda Rose gold tree is priced at £40 and stands at 6ft with 590 PVC tips. The tree is unlit, but the metallic rose-gold tone means it will perfectly complement a set of fairy lights.

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    ‘I get a bit giddy this time of year,’ Siobhan told one follower. ‘I like to try and eek it out so the magic lasts longer.’

    As the star of the show, the rose-gold tree is ideal for anyone looking for an alternative Christmas tree idea to the traditional green-coloured best artificial Christmas trees.

    Unsurprisingly, the metallic Christmas tree has quickly developed a fanbase on Instagram with fans commenting:

    ‘This is just blooomin EPIC 😍😍😍😍😍’

    ‘Love this – utterly fabulous 🌟🎉🎄’

    Love it or hate it, there is no denying that this pink tree definitely makes a statement. If you’ve been tempted to recreate Siobhan’s full festive set-up she revealed that she picked up the poodles from Homesense and spray painted them lilac. The tinsel scarves are the perfect finishing touch.

    After the year we’ve all been through never has there been a better time to let your festive imagination run a little wild. Will a rose-gold Christmas tree be on your online shopping basket this year?

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