This bear sleeping bag is the grrreatest thing we’ve ever seen!

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  • Hibernate like a bear in this amazing sleeping bag. Can you bear to be without one?

    Not quite ready for winter? Never fear, we’ve found the most snuggle-tastic answer to the cold snap – a bear sleeping bag perfectly suited for hibernation!

    Amsterdam-based Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa has channelled her creative energy into transforming the average sleeping bag into this masterpiece: The Great Sleeping Bear.

    While the traditional camper’s sleeping bag is pretty practical (and a little bit dull), Ishizawa thought it would be fun to transform a dull camping essential into something a little more fun.

    And here it is! A 6ft sleeping bag in the shape of a bear to keep you warm, cosy and protected in the great outdoors.

    The life-like design comes with all the features of a grizzly bear – eyes, ears and even teeth decorate his head, pink quilted lining keeps sleepers extremely warm beneath the soft fur exterior and hand and feet pockets are detailed with paws and pads.

    Sleepers’ heads poke out of the bear’s mouth and look like they’re being swallowed up. Plus, leaving the zipped-up bear lying dormant around the house ready to surprise friends and family could be a lot of fun!

    The artist behind the bag was inspired by a real life grizzly event. In 2006, a huge bear wondered from the Italian Alps into a Bavarian village and met his fate when officials, fearing of the villagers’ safety, eventually hunted him down.

    The Great Sleeping Bear honours him and was designed in his memory.

    The design has taken Twitter by storm with people demanding where they can buy it from and sharing it with friends and family across the world.

    The handcrafted bag is made to order and will therefore set you back a hefty $2000 and can be bought here. But if it ensures your camping safety then can you really BEAR to be without one?

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