See how this chest of drawers was transformed with lollipop sticks - it's genius!

For under £20, this piece of furniture got a complete glow-up

We've seen wardrobes updated with rattan panels and sideboards upcycled with wood batons – but this is the first time we've discovered a piece of furniture that's been given a revamp with lollipop sticks!

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Inspired by the trend for strip-wood furniture, 36-year-old science teacher Laura Deller decided to give her IKEA chest a fresh new look using a clever lollipop stick DIY hack. Not only does it look fabulous, but the whole make cost her less than £20!

Bedford-based Laura has been busy renovating her home, a 70's fixer-upper, and showed off the clever hack to her followers on Instagram where it went down a storm. The clever upcycler received over 14.3k likes and 680 comments!

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Lollipop stick DIY hack

drawers with cream colour and white wall

(Image credit: Laura Deller)

'I'd already given the chest a makeover once before,' she says, 'but I wanted to update it with a more textured, natural look this time.'

After removing all the handles on the drawers, Laura had a clean base on which to start – but what made her choose lolly sticks?

'I decided to use a sustainable resource for the project,' Laura tells us. 'I wanted it to have a textured, natural look. I was after the look of strip wood, but at a fraction of the price.'

Applying the lolly sticks

drawers with lolly sticks and scissor

(Image credit: Laura Deller)

Next up, Laura marked a centre line on the drawer front. She then added a thin layer of adhesive to each lolly stick in turn and placed it on the drawer front, at a 45-degree angle from the centre line.

'I alternated positioning sticks either side of the centre line,' she says. 'You get a couple of minutes to reposition the sticks if you need to.'

Laura used a spirit level on the ends of the pattern to keep the herringbone formation straight. 'When you get to the edges, lay your lollipop stick against the chest, mark it with a pencil and then cut it with sharp scissors to make it the right length,' she says.

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Adding a border

lolly sticks border in drawers

(Image credit: Laura Deller)

Once you've finished all the herringbone pattern, it's time to lay a flat border to edge the drawer front. Laura used a double row to edge all the way round on each drawer, cutting off the rounded ends of the lolly sticks.

'You need patience in abundance,' she says, 'but it's worth it.'

Finishing touches

Using a sander, Laura smoothed the edges and fronts of the drawers, so there was no overhang or catches. 'You could use a wood filler to grout inbetween the sticks if you wanted,' she says. 'I didn't, but it's personal choice.'

Lastly, Laura took some lip handles, sprayed them black and then attached them to the chest.

drawers with wall frame and mirror

(Image credit: Laura Deller)

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You'd never know that those drawer panels were lolly sticks would you? It looks totally unique and works well with Laura's neutral colour palette, boho aesthetic and other natural textures in the room.

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Laura's Instagram is full of renovation news, interior decor and furniture upcycle ideas, and you can find her over at @houseproject_36 here.

Will you be trying this hack at home?

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