Money down the drain – experts claim changing to soft water could save up to £350 a year

Experts reveal making the change could benefit household budgets, boilers and more...

Ever considered the benefits of soft water for your home? What if you thought switching could potentially help make big savings on household bills?

According to new research installing a water softener could save homeowners up to £350 a year on household bills. Could it be time to consider a softer approach for your home?

As well as the monetary gain switching to soft water can be better for boilers and be beneficial for skincare.

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benefits of soft water for homes

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What are the benefits of soft water?

Experts suggest soft water can help prolong the life of boilers, and here's how.

Water softeners aid the extraction of magnesium and calcium ions, which make water hard. The softened water then limits the accumulation of limescale which builds up in appliances, preserving the lifespan of boilers. A study by the Water Quality Research Foundation reveals softened water operated boilers maintain 100 per cent efficiency over a simulated 15-year lifespan.

It's suggested by installing a water softener users can expect to make further everyday reductions and savings.

Including up to 62 per cent on cleaning products, over 28 per cent on fuel and 100 per cent on de-scaler and limescale remover – which the product completely removes the need for.

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(Image credit: Harvey Water Softeners)

Over the last few years homeowners have become increasingly aware of the aesthetic benefits that a water softener can have. Namely a shinier home, glossier hair, softer skin and bigger bubble baths. However, where there is still some educating to be done is on the cost benefits,’ explains Tony Jones, General Manager at Harvey Water Softeners.

‘The savings made across fuel, cleaning products and limescale remover mean a Harvey Water Softener pays for itself in time. While lasting in excess of twenty – leaving customers with more cash to spend on maintaining and upgrading other aspects of their homes.’

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The savings have been calculated as follows; annual saving on gas £162,77; cleaning products, £62.40; De-scaler, £85.27 and Limescale remover £35.54. Totalling £345.98.

(These figures are provided on the basis of the average family home consisting of two adults and two children)

In addition to a healthier bank balance softer water offers healthier hair and smoother skin.

Is it time to take a softer approach to household water needs?


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