New Bin Butler service will take your bins out for you for £1 a week

If you feel like you're juggling a million and one things, this could be a lifesaver
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  • If you often forget to take the bins out (raises hand), there’s a new scheme called Bin Butler that does it for you.

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    Available in locations across the UK, Bin Butler is being launched by rubbish disposal experts, So, how does it work?

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    Bin Butler

    Divert says the service will help many busy – or simply forgetful – households to get on top of their rubbish collections. ‘How many of us have chased after a bin lorry, dragging an overflowing bin behind us? It’s a weekly nightmare for many people,’ Mark Hall from Divert says.

    ‘That’s where Bin Butler comes in handy. No more forgetting to empty your bin and trying to squash it down for another fortnight to squeeze a few extra bits in,’ Mark says.

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    The statistics show that this is a recurring problem for many of us. In a poll of 2,000 UK residents run by Divert, an overwhelming majority of us have had issues with forgetting to place their wheelie bins or boxes for collection.

    Even when we do remember, it’s not always the correct bin. 93% of us have forgotten to put our bins out for collection, and 43% of us say we forget regularly.

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    What’s more, a whopping 62% of us never know which week each bin goes out and just rely on neighbours. We have all kinds of excuses up our sleeves, from changing collection schedules, busy working lives and rainy mornings blamed for failure to take bins out.

    You can subscribe to Bin Butler for £1 a week, and you can also add your next-door neighbour’s bin onto the collection for just fifty pence. ‘It’s a small price to pay to never miss your bin collection again,’ Mark adds.

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    ‘No more waking up to the familiar sounds of the bin lorry and rushing to get your slippers on,’ he says.

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    Bin Butler could also be ideal if you work unusual shifts, have mobility issues, or have memory problems. But if you just want the peace of mind of never forgetting a collection again, Bin Butler is there to help.

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    Will you be trying Bin Butler?

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