Things you’ll only know if you shop at B&Q

It's so much more than just your average DIY store

When it comes to DIY, there is no better go-to than B&Q. But while the idea of spending a Sunday navigating a maze of paint pots and plywood might fill some more with fear than delight, for those in there know, hiding amongst the glue guns and growbags, are so many other reasons to love this retail park giant.

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B&Q shopping experience

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1. It has an app to help you navigate the maze of aisles

Find everything you need from a particular length screw to a new light fitting within a matter of seconds. Simply type in what you’re looking for in store, and it will bring up what aisle you’ll find it in.

2. Its homeware collection is actually really cute

From glass vases, sumptuous cushions to that elephant ornament you didn’t know you needed. This isn’t just a one stop shop for screws, sandpaper and shrubs.

3. You can revamp any room for £8

sideboard with lamp and pink wall

GoodHome paint by B&Q

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The GoodHome paint range is easy on the wallet, eyes and nose. Which isn’t as strange as it sounds, it’s water-based formulation means it’s low odour.

With 80 shades to choose from, starting from £8, you're sure to find a tint to tickle your fancy.

4. It's committed to protecting forests all over the world

It’s hard to believe that a store full of timber is committed to protecting forests. However, B&Q is all about DIY-ing with a conscious. All their timber is taken from a sustainable source, and they always replenish what’s been taken.

Currently more than 20 per cent of their timber is UK-sourced, but they’re aiming to increase this by helping to responsibly manage more of the British woodland. Plus, in 2017, B&Q was even awarded Britain’s Greenest Garden Centre by the Garden Retail & Garden Industry Awards.

Those are some pretty good eco-friendly credentials.

5.You can buy an outdoor bar

outdoor bar and stools

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Yes, you heard that correctly. If you thought you’d have to wait till your next trip to Spain before sipping a mojito at a sun-drenched bar again, you need to get down to B&Q.

It might not be a pocket money purchase, but it’s a small price to pay to be the envy of all your friends at the next bank holiday BBQ.

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6. It'll custom cut timber for free

If you’re not that handy with a saw or don’t have the space at home, most of the stores offer a timber cutting service. They’ll cut the wood down to preferred size, and an added bonus is that the first 15 cuts are free!

7. You can donate your wood offcuts to help support Shelter

 Nearly every store has an offcut box, where you can donate offcuts of wood, and also help yourself in return for a donation to Shelter. The store has raised over £1million for Shelter, through the initiative and other in-store events.

The funds have helped to teach over 700 families home improvement skills to maintain their homes and make them safe.

8. And you're safe in the knowledge that any other unused products are going to a good cause

All unsold materials from any store are donated to local community groups. Part filled cans of paints, broken tiles and plants are just a few of the things that are given to schools and youth groups, to help them give their spaces a well-deserved spruce up.

9. They've got an affordable line in own-brand cordless power tools

Affordable line in own-brand cordless power tools

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The new Erbauer range means you won't need to be wrestling with restrictive cords when making home improvements in hard to reach corners. Plus you can use the battery across the whole range of tools, from drills to saws, keeping your workbench clear of messy charging cables.

10. It's impossible to leave without at least one new houseplant

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Before you know it you’re juggling a mini succulent, a carnivorous plant (!), and something called a dragon tree.

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