How clean is your house? The dirtiest districts and cleanest cities are revealed!

Are your neighbours clean queens or filthy folk? All is revealed!

How clean is your house? Well, it depends on where you live - according to a new study.

UK retailer House of Bath
has studied our cleaning product buying habits.

By analysing how many products each region of the country buy, it has determined where our clean freaks lie and where others lie dormant...

Kirstie Allsopp recently, and rather controversially, tweeted: ‘In 15 years of going around the country house hunting I have observed that the further north you go from London the cleaner the homes are.'

Putting this to the test, House of Bath went about surveying the spending habits of 2,000 people across the country.

Good news for Brummies and the people of Belfast as they both came out on top of the charts! Both purchase the most bathroom brushes in the entire nation and we expect their loos are gleaming.

Duster devotees also reside in Portsmouth helping it become the third cleanest city in Britain. It seems the people of Brighton are window cleaner crazy as they snap up 50% more of the stuff than people in Halifax.

And guess who's at the bottom of the list... London. Londoners buy 89% less floor cleaner than the inhabitants of Belfast. Blaming it on a lack of spare time, both Central and East London came in the bottom five for the dirtiest homes in Britain.

With them were the Shetland Islands, Llandrindod Wells in Wales and Halifax.

All this comes just in time for the forthcoming Clean for the Queen campaign - an attempt to tidy up our towns for the Queen's 90th birthday.

Well hurry up London and put some elbow grease in to it!

Millie Hurst
Senior Content Editor

Millie Hurst was Senior Content Editor at Ideal Home from 2020-2022, and is now Section Editor at Homes & Gardens. Before stepping into the world of interiors, she worked as a Senior SEO Editor for News UK in both London and New York. You can usually find her looking up trending terms and finding real-life budget makeovers our readers love. Millie came up with the website's daily dupes article which gives readers ways to curate a stylish home for less.