Our favourite celebrity home offices – from Amanda Holden to Anna Wintour

Be inspired by these starry work stations
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  • An estimated 60 per cent of the population are working from home at the moment due to the current circumstances. That includes some of our favourite celebrities, who have taken to Instagram to show off their celebrity home offices.

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    Some celebrities have settled into home working in stunning library spaces or with desks overlooking the British country side. However, others have had to get a little more creative like the rest of us, from perching on the edge of the Kitchen breakfast bar to balancing a laptop on top of a laundry basket.

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    One thing they all has in common is that wherever these celebs hover with their laptops seems to exude glamour.

    We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite celebrity home offices for a spark of desk inspiration.

    Celebrity home offices

    Fearne Cotton

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    I wouldn’t get dressed up during lock down for anyone, except @howtoglitteraturd I’ve been a patron of @coppafeelpeople for years and know how important the work they do is. Like so many charities Coppafeel has and will suffer due to the pandemic so I’ll do what I can to help them rebuild after all of this is over. Kris, the founder (and my dear mate) has initiated a #formalfriday to inspire us to dress up today and also donate £5 to @coppafeelpeople I’m currently editing my book whilst dressed like Diana Ross. Me and Jesse are tag teaming working from home at the moment. I’m maxing out my editing hour in heels whilst he deals with shouting children. ( @beyondskin ) I nominate @bryonygordon @poornabell @angelascanlon @therealgokwan @hotpatooties Do your own #formalfriday and nominate five people #coppafeel

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    Fearne Cotton is the queen of bright colours. Whether it is brightly coloured clothes or the interiors of her home.

    For her home office she has created an opulent colour scheme, pairing a turquoise wall with a gold desk. Aside from a blue fabric photo frame and a crystal bookend, the desk has been left clear of any unnecessary clutter. Leaving plenty of space for Fearne Cotton to work on her book.

    Anna Wintour

    The editor of Vogue, US, Anna Wintour has kept her study classy and elegant. One wall has been lined with books, while the rest of the room is filled with antique vases and tables.

    A sturdy desk looking out a window provides the perfect space to crack on with editing one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world. The sofa in front of the desk ensures this room can be used for hunkering down with a book as well as taking an important Zoom call.

    Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon’s home working space is a dreamy mix of rattan and natural wood. The space is flooded with lots of natural light which is ideal for staying motivated when working from home.

    Amanda Holden

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    Work stations 🚉♥️💪🏼 #wecandoit

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    Amanda Holden has followed many other Mum’s and transformed the corner of her breakfast bar into a work station. It’s an ideal set up, just be careful of your proximity to the chocolate biscuit stash.

    Piers Morgan

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    Self-isolated to new country pad office.

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    Piers Morgan is among the lucky few celebrities with a dedicated, spacious home office. The matching desk and table provide space to move around the office during the day to help stay focused.

    There is every space for a personal TV, essential for the presenter to keep up with the news.

    Andrea Mclean

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    Working from home has been all about discovering and embracing our new normal. My ‘desk’ has been a laundry basket pushed against my bedroom window, in the one room I can get peace and quiet during the day away from the rest of the house. I’ve discovered that I love this space, I had never taken the time to sit and enjoy the view. I’ve now moved a table from another room and made this ‘my space’, surrounded by things that make me feel calm so the creativity can flow. Crystals, aromatherapy candles, plants, flowers – they all inspire me. I am writing all day in this spot, the words just flow… I can’t wait to share book number 3 with you, now you’ve seen where it’s been lovingly crafted… 🙏❤️

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    The loose woman, has opted to work in her bedroom. The only place she can enjoy some ‘peace and quiet during the day’ she writes in her Instagram post.

    She admits to initially working on top of a laundry basket pushed against the bedroom window. However, she has swapped in a table from another room to create a more permanent working from home space.

    To get her creative juices flowing she has filled the space with flowers, crystals and an aromatherapy candle.


    Internet sensation Zoe Sugg, a.k.a Zoella has transformed one of her upstairs rooms into a stunning home office. The space is lined with fairy lights and filled with houseplants and framed prints.

    Instead of hanging pictures and a memo board, simply stacking them on top of a desk and sideboard is a perfect solution if you don’t feel ready to commit to putting a nail in the wall.

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    Which is your favourite celebrity home office?

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