The Christmas blinds that add a festive flourish to any room

Want to try something new this Christmas? Furnish your windows with these festive alternatives to regular blinds

With the festive season fast approaching, not only can you can deck the halls, you can now deck out your windows with these Christmas blinds. Tinsel and baubles may be your first thought for Christmas decorations, but one new trend that's emerging is decorating your windows with a stylish festive dressing.

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Online retailer 247 Blinds introduces a range of Christmas-inspired window dressings that will be the star on top of your tree when it comes to your decor.

'Deck the halls' with these Christmas blinds

Sporting three seasonal designs filled with colour and traditional Christmas motifs, the blinds are so good they could even be used all year round. Take a look at this trio of tinsel-less Xmas decors.

room with dining table and chair and brick walls

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

Buy now: Clementine Crush roller blind, from £15.85, 247 Blinds

wooden dining

room with dining table and chairs and roller blinds

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

Buy now: Mistletoe Berries roller blind, from £15.85, 247 Blinds

Fancy a kiss from your better half this Christmas? Ditch the traditional mistletoe and pep up your blinds instead. If you’re not into orange but still fancy some festive fruit in your furnishings, the Mistletoe Berries blind could be for you. It offers a stunning combination of deep forest green with rich red berries to create a wonderfully simple holiday design.

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living room with grey walls rug and wooden flooring

(Image credit: 247 Blinds)

Buy now: Deck The Halls roller blind, from £15.85, 247 Blinds

If neither of them are you go for something which you an definitely use all year. The Deck The Halls blind seamlessly blends in with other flowery furnishings, while taking your Christmas decorations to the next level.