The 12 claims of Christmas – avoid these common festive insurance fiascos at home

There are hundreds of home insurance claims caused by crazy Christmas mishaps

Christmas may traditionally be the most wonderful time of the year, but preparing for the holidays can also cause household hazards.

Cracked TVs, destroyed cookers and even stolen reindeers are some of the most common Christmas home insurance claims – and these happen to hundreds of people every year. Check out this crazy list of Christmas home insurance claims and see whether any of these have happened to you.

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Insurance experts Aviva have looked at their home claims data from December and January over the last five years, from 2016 to 2020. Revealing that rather like Brussel sprouts, there are some unpleasant festive fiascos that keep coming back every year.

The 12 claims of Christmas home insurance

room with christmas tree and radiator

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To help put people on their guard as the big day approaches, here are some of Aviva’s most popular – and unusual – claims of Christmas past...

1. Cracked TVs

Aviva received 110 claims for cracked TVs, knocked over while customers were putting up or taking down Christmas decorations.

2. Candles causing chaos

77 claims were made for so-called 'candle calamities'. These include candle centrepieces burning dining tables, flames setting fire to Christmas decorations and wax spilled on carpets. Has this ever happened to you?

3. Overwatering Christmas trees

Aviva has received 68 claims over carpets and floors being stained or damaged by water from real Christmas trees.

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4. Christmas party incidents

The insurance firm received 27 claims for Christmas party mishaps where possessions were lost or stolen while customers were celebrating.

Popular items included mobile phones, jewellery and watches. Although, these claims are perhaps a little less likely this year.

ribbon with wooden flooring and gifts

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5. Getting wrapped up in wrapping paper

Claims have been made for 15 items being accidentally thrown out with discarded wrapping paper. Lost possessions include spectacles, earrings and hearing aids.

6. Feet through ceilings

There have been a few people who've made a mess of trying to get the Christmas decorations out of the loft. 11 people have put their feet through ceilings while making the annual trip to the top of the house to bring down their tinsel and baubles.

7. Fairy light fires

Seven claims were made regarding fires caused by fairy lights that overheated!

8. Destroyed cookers

Six cookers have been destroyed while cooking Christmas dinner, with pans and pots dropped on hobs and hard-working ovens catching fire.

9. Stolen outdoor Christmas decorations

Five reindeer were stolen from customers’ gardens and claimed for via Aviva. we have to stress, they are ornamental reindeer, not the real variety!

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room with paint brush and christmas tree card

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10. Christmas card catastrophes

Many of us have had the idea of making Christmas cards for our loved ones. But it hasn't always gone to plan. For four people in particular.

A pot of ink knocked onto a carpet, a phone and a china centrepiece smashed while writing Christmas cards – plus superglue on a sofa while making handmade cards. They'll never try and make cards again!

11. Misplaced gold rings

One customer was making mince pies, so took off her two rings while she was preparing pastry. Unfortunately, they got thrown out with the rubbish when tidying up!

12. Sleigh ride crash

And finally, Aviva received one claim of Santa’s sleigh crashing into a house, damaging a doorway, when the horses pulling the vehicle were startled at a Christmas festival.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of 12 crazy Christmas home insurance claims. Stay safe this Christmas!