This online tool reveals how much toilet paper you ACTUALLY need during self-isolation

It's a lot less than you think

Empty supermarket shelves have become a frighteningly common sight at the moment. But, before you're tempted to panic buy toilet roll at the sight of a miraculous full shelf, think before you buy.

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Free Tips have created a Quarantine calculator to help discourage people from stockpiling.

The betting website has turned it's expertise from darts and horse races to helping you work out the odds on how much toilet roll you will get through during self-isolation.

quarantine calculator

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The calculator will help you work out how much pasta, toilet roll and even wine you would need to survive a 14 day quarantine period. Free Tips Quarantine calculator is really easy to use and may be just the thing you need to give you some peace of mind.

Quarantine calculator

For example, if you want to work out how much toilet roll you will need for 14 days, the first slider will allow you to select how many sheets your toilet rolls have. You can then input how many sheets you usually use per visit. This will allow you to work out how long each roll will last.

The second slider will determine how many visits are made to the toilet by the people in your household a day. While the third slider then helps work out many rolls you will need based on how long you think you are going to be in lockdown for.

Trust us when we say you probably need a lot less toilet roll than you think. Using the tool, Free Tips estimated that the average family of four would only need 20 toilet rolls for 14 days.

Before going to the shops, take time to work out if you have enough pasta or toilet roll to see you through this difficult time. Supermarkets have said there is not a shortage of store cupboard essentials. However, they are struggling to keep the shelves stocked due to demand.

Many supermarkets have introduced measures to try and keep up with the demand. Many are limiting the number of products that customers can buy. Shops, like Sainsbury's and Iceland, have  introduced a dedicated hour at opening time for vulnerable customers to shop.

Morrison's and Waitrose are also introducing measures to help NHS workers on the frontline of the outbreak purchase necessary supplies. Waitrose has even set aside a proportion of basic food items for those unable to get to the shop's first thing.

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There is no need to panic-buy, and hopefully this calculator will help prove that to you.

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