This company is offering free soap to anyone who needs it – grab yours now!

A very generous move from a young entrepreneur...

Soap, hand sanitiser and toilet roll have been sparse on supermarket shelves the past few days – but one company is offering freebies to those in need.

Nuddy, an independent soap company, is offering free bars to anyone who can’t get their hands on some - due to coronavirus. 

The brand's Super Rich Shea Butter and Pink Grapefruit soap bar is usually priced at £4.95, but can now be offered for free through the company’s website – although postage will still need to be paid for. In the spirit of keeping things fair, the freebies are limited to one per customer.

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What’s more, the soap is vegan-friendly and 100 per cent plastic, cruelty and SLS free (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a chemical foaming agent).

Nuddy is usually sold in retailers such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

soap with soap cover and pink

(Image credit: Nuddy)

The brand’s founder, Kassi Emadi, took to Instagram yesterday to share news of the initiative. She posted, ‘Yesterday I went to my local supermarket and saw that the shelves were empty, absolutely no hand soap/anti bacterial to be found.'

'I decided to take action and try and get our soap bars into the hands of those who cannot get hold of any themselves.'

The post continues, ‘We're offering our customers a FREE unboxed, naked soap bar (RRP: £4.95) in an effort to do our bit to help combat the outbreak of coronavirus. We believe that EVERY BODY should have the means to wash their hands properly, keep bacteria at bay and try and prevent the spread of this horrible virus.’

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‘Being a young independent business (less than two years old), all we're asking is a small contribution, to cover our costs for P&P. No profit at all will be made by us.’

Those in need of a bar of soap can head over to the Nuddy website and select the 'free soap bar' option.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur founded the Nuddy brand and runs the business from her parent's back-bedroom in Acklam.