David Domoney predicts this outdoor living trend for spring 2022

This garden trend is good for the soul and for the planet

The sun has got its hat on and, all of a sudden, days spent pottering in the garden sound highly appealing. Even though it feels like the depths of winter were but minutes ago.

Gardening expert David Domoney has revealed an outdoor living trend taking root in our gardens this year. David Domoney is a broadcaster and author who makes regular appearances on shows like Love Your Garden and This Morning.

The horticulturist reckons sustainable gardens and raised beds designed for growing your own veg are becoming more and more popular. Will this be the year you try growing your own?

david domoney with garden and pots

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David Domoney's outdoor living trend prediction

David tells us that his favourite outdoor living trend is sustainable gardening. 'A great deal of people are now home composting to produce their own soil enrichment through kitchen and garden waste,' the gardening guru comments.

Read up on how to make compost and feed your garden for free if this is something you'd like to try. 'We’re also seeing people harvesting water using water butts which collect water from drainpipes leading from the house, enabling them to tend to plants using fresh rainwater,' he adds.

In a country as rainy as ours, it makes sense to do something with all that rainwater.

garden area with herbs and pots

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David Domoney clearly has his finger on the pulse with garden trends. At Ideal Home we've also seen eco-friendly gardening becoming far more popular lately. As well as composting and recycling water with water butts, gardening enthusiasts are trying all kinds of sustainable garden ideas.

From pollinator planting to avoiding chemicals and recycling materials, there are loads of ways to be a little more 'green' in the garden. 'Lastly, I’m enjoying the fact that raised beds are growing in popularity as people grow their own fruit, herbs, and vegetables for the family,' David Domoney tells us.

David spoke to us as part of his work on the Ideal Home Show. Are you feeling inspired to try some eco-friendly garden ideas or to grow your own veg?

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