Half of the UK have stopped doing THIS when they go to other people’s homes

Do you do it too?
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  • When you visit friends or family, is it the norm for you to find the front door open when you arrive so you can just walk straight in? That super-relaxed welcome is pretty much standard practice for 53 per cent of the country now, according to research carried out by Duette.

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    And it could be signalling the death of the doorbell, even though 82 per cent of us currently have one.

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    The reasoning behind the nation’s acceptance of an open door policy at home can be narrowed down to a number of reasons.

    While nearly a third of those surveyed say that since they know they have visitors coming, it’s easier to leave the door open for them, nearly one in five don’t bother answering the door when someone knocks or rings because they suspect it may be a cold caller.

    Meanwhile, 29 per cent admit that they just leave the door open for friends and family to walk in as they’re too lazy to open it for them.


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    The rise of smart doorbells has a lot to answer for this, too. While the main reason people plump for a smart doorbell is for added home security, a massive 89 per cent of people admit that they’d consider investing in one just so they could screen visitors without having to stop what they were doing.

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    So are we seeing the doorbell go the way of the landline? Will it soon be consigned to history as a result of our busy lives and smart tech alternatives?


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    Ashleigh Noon, a spokesperson for Duette, thinks that the research reveals how much our habits are changing.

    ‘While it’s clear that Britons still love the doorbell and many still have one, it appears that they’re just aren’t interacting with others the way they used to,’ she says. ‘Due to tech advancements, it’s good to see that smart doorbells are growing in popularity, both letting people see who’s at their door and also providing an additional layer of security.’

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    What do you think? Do you prefer your guests ring your doorbell when they visit? Or would you rather they just walked right in?

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