We can’t get enough of sunshine yellow sofas this summer

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  • DFS are reporting sales of yellow sofas are up a whopping 595 per cent!

    Forget mellow yellow. There’s nothing mellow about the meteoric rise in popularity of yellow sofas for our homes in 2018. DFS have seen a 595 per cent increase in sales of yellow sofas, between December 2017 and May 2018. These stats show our love of the sun has lead for an appetite for furniture in the same sunny colour palette.

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    The future’s bright, the future’s yellow. ‘The lightest hue in the colour spectrum, yellow is a bold and powerful colour that evokes emotions of optimism and joy,’ explains Philip Watkin, Design Director at DFS.

    We can see what he means!

    yellow sofas

    Windsor Sofa design at DFS

    The new found popularity is mostly thanks to the launch of the yellow velvet Windsor sofa from the Joules collection (above), and the ever-popular French Connection Zinc sofa in yellow velvet. Both of these new launches are exclusive to DFS.

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    ‘Yellow is more timeless and versatile than many think,’ explains Philip. ‘As a designer, I’m thrilled to see the nation becoming more confident with colour, and to see more and more customers daring to go bold by choosing one of our yellow or mustard-coloured sofas.’

    yellow sofa

    ‘You can incorporate a few yellow pieces into a monochromatic palette to add a pop of colour. Or for a rich colour scheme that’s a little unexpected, try pairing a mustard shade with teal,’ suggests Philip.

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    yellow sofa

    Tide Sofa design at DFS

    Despite the sudden burst in sales of yellow, research shows that 39 percent of UK homes are still in favour of neutral grey, cream, beige and magnolia. We feel this could be the start of something bright and beautiful. As we get brave enough to bid farewell to beige Britain!

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    Is you home already aglow with this sunny shade?

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