12 things you’ll only know if you shop at Wilko

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  • It's like Woolworths, only better... and here's why

    Aldi might have its headline-grabbing SpecialBuys and Primark its fast home fashion, but there’s another store quietly performing homeware heroics on the high street. For those in the know, Wilko is a guaranteed source of bargains, whether you’re looking to spruce up the garden, clean out the kitchen or beautify a bedroom. It’s got everything from DIY kit to cleaning products to cushions – and you probably won’t have to travel miles to find one local to you.

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    Once you’ve read our reasons to shop at Wilko, we guarantee you’ll never be able to pass one by again.

    1. There’s a Wilko paint for every eventuality


    Image credit: Wilko

    We’re not just talking emulsion. There’s masonry paint, metallic paint and even furniture and cupboard paint for your next upcycling project.

    2. Wilko Pick ‘n’ Mix is just as good as Woolworths…


    Image credit: Wilko

    And occassionally they’ll sell it half price! This is NOT a drill…

    3. …and did you know you can also pick and mix screws, nuts and bolts?

    Now this is bloomin’ genius. You know when you need one or two different types of screw, and you end up having to buy a whole bag of each, completely unnecessarily? Well Wilko has a much more cost-effective solution. Just select a fill-and-seal bag – £1.99 for a small, and £2.99 for a large – and fill it with the exact nuts, bolts and screws in the colours and sizes you need. We can’t believe more people don’t do this.

    4. Wilko stationery gives designer brands a run for their money

    Could it be Kikki K? We won’t tell if you won’t.

    5. You really need the secret Wilko discount shelf in your life

    It’s usually hidden in some obscure spot at the back of the store, but this shrine to bargains is well worth seeking out. Wilko doesn’t mess around when it comes to reducing end-of-line stock. Expect at least 50 per cent off anything from shampoo to plates to plants.

    6. If you have a bunny, you can buy homeware to match!

    I think this just broke our cute-ometer.

    7. They’ve got a HUGE and fabulous garden range


    Image credit: Wilko

    Smart pots that attach to your drainpipe? Who knew? And that’s just the start of it. Wilkos sells seeds, compost, tools, plants and even fencing. Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out!

    8. Oh, and did we mention the garden furniture?


    Image credit: Wilko

    Don’t worry folks, it will be back in time for next summer!

    9. They really care about the planet

    Wilko’s new eco range of Doesn’t Cost The Earth cleaning products are plant-derived, vegan friendly and dermatologically tested. There’s everything from dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent to washing-up liquid and multi-surface cleaner.

    10. They sell affordable vintage-style lightbulbs


    Image credit: Wilko

    With prices starting at just £1.50 for a Rustic filament bulb, you’ll save yourself a fortune.

    11. You’ll find all sorts of handy things you didn’t know you wanted


    image credit: Wilko

    But you won’t be able to live without them once you buy them!

    12. And finally, the tempting bargain homeware that’s irresistibly good value

    Herringbone AND pompoms? That’s two trends for the price of one!

    We’re total Wilko converts. Are you?

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