DIY fans are raving about this simple sock painting hack for hard-to-reach areas

Put the paintbrush DOWN
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  • DIY fans have been sharing an easy sock hack for painting hard-to-reach areas on social media. The simple sock trick is particularly handy for the more fiddly areas, such as banisters or chair legs.

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    The time-saving trick has been doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram, as thousands are wowed by the unconventional DIY and decorating method. And the general consensus is that it really does work.

    hallway banisters and staircase

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    The sock painting hack

    So, what exactly is the sock painting hack? It basically involves putting on a plastic glove (you can get them from B&Q), and then wearing an old sock over it, and then using your hand as your ‘brush’.

    You dip your whole sock-wearing hand straight into a tin of paint and rub your hand up and down the area you’re painting. No paintbrushes needed.

    Sounds mad? Well, lots of people are saying it does work – although some professional painters and decorators warn that it won’t give you a perfect finish.

    When digital creator Katie Ellison shared a video of her trying it out on her Instagram, followers were quick to comment. ‘Never heard of this before!!!’ wrote one.

    ‘Omg this is amazing! 👏’ said another.

    staircase in white hallway

    Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd

    TikTok is seemingly a bottomless well of hacks – for everything from cleaning glass shower screens, to painting the decking in record speed. But this super simple trick is being praised for getting the tedious task of painting banister spindles done really quickly.

    There’s no need for paint trays and zero risk of dried-up brushes, plus you can get into any crevices much more easily with your fingers.

    Whether or not you use the sock painting trick, if you’re giving your hallway a makeover, a fresh lick of paint on the banisters will always make a big difference. Head to our guide on how to paint a staircase for clear advice before you begin.

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    The social media hacks just keep on coming. Would you give this tip a go?

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