Can you guess what tops the UK’s bathroom wishlist?

Are you ready for the bathroom tech revolution?
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  • We already have Alexa turning our lights on, and robot vacuum cleaners vacuuming our crumbs up after us. So it was never going to be long before the home tech revolution elevated our ideas about what makes a dream bathroom.

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    Once upon a time our wish list would have been laden with scented candles, waterfall showerheads and fluffy bath mats. But according to a recent survey by bathroom experts Showers to You. We now have much higher aspirations for the humble powder room.

    They polled 1,424 Brits to see what bathroom tech they’d love in their loos – and you’d be surprised…

    The UK’s bathroom wish list

    1. Self-cleaning toilet

    Dream bathroom 2

    Image credit: Alasdair Macintosh

    Eternally pragmatic, it isn’t too much of a shock that homeowners would love to cut down on the time they spend scrubbing the loo. 83 per cent of Brits deemed this feature as their most desired when it comes to the toilet.

    Other functions that homeowners were keen to trick out their toilet with were a self-deodoriser and a heated seat. In all honesty, nothing ruins a bathroom break faster than a bad smell.

    2. Digitally controlled shower

    69 per cent of British owners voted for digital controls for precise temperature, spray and timings. In fact, it’s the tech trend they’d most like to see in the shower.

    You can wave goodbye to accidentally scalding yourself and water pressure oscillating between a pathetic dribble and monsoon rain. This is a custom shower service, just the way you like it.

    3. Bathtub mood lighting

    Dream bathroom 6

    Image credit: Georgia Burns

    It seems that scented candles and a bubble bath just won’t cut it anymore. 66 per cent of homeowners have a hankering for built in mood lighting in the tub, closely followed by a desire for a built-in scented mist dispenser.

    4. UV bathroom sanitiser

    The dream bathroom tool, using UV lights to disinfect damp towels or flannels, keeping them fresh and clean.

    5. Warming drawers

    Is there a better feeling than shrugging on a radiator-warmed dressing gown? Well now your towels and slippers can get the same treatment in drawer form.

    6. Fitbit Wi-Fi scales

    We’re constantly being told that the number on the scale doesn’t mean anything, muscles is heavier than fat, etc. But these smart scales not only track weight, but measure lean mass, body fat and sync the data to your Fitbit account.

    7. Virtual reality showers

    Dream bathroom 4

    Image credit: TI Media

    You might be stuck in rainy Britain, but you could be showering in the Maldives. This feature lets you project scenes of beach paradises or luscious jungles into your shower.

    8. Wine cabinet

    Fancy a chilled glass of pinot in the bath? This is for you. This is essentially a mini fridge but in the form of a bathroom wine cooler. It allows you to store drinks, Lush facemasks and medicine at the perfect temperature.

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    What does your dream bathroom look like?

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