Frankie Bridge’s reeded glass bathroom door is the height of 'sophistication' – but we've found a way to fake it for £10

Frankie Bridge champions hotel-style living with a finishing touch to her bathroom – experts say it’s ‘sophisticated, decorative and functional’

Frankie Bridge
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Presenter and former Saturdays band member Frankie Bridge oozes class and sophistication these days. So it’s no surprise that so does her bathroom as she’s revealed a corner of it in a recent Instagram reel. What caught our eye was the reeded glass finish of Frankie’s bathroom door, which is currently having a renaissance.

While purchasing a door with reeded glass inserts is certainly an option, our budget-friendly minds immediately went to the DIY reeded glass door hack, which can give any plain glass this elevated, seemingly textured finish.

All you need to do is apply a reeded glass film like this one from Amazon, which sells for only £10. This easy DIY project will give you more privacy in the bathroom in a very renter-friendly way.

Frankie Bridge’s reeded glass bathroom door

This is not the first time Frankie’s home served as a major source of inspiration for us. Remember Frankie Bridge’s boucle armchair we all went crazy for? Or her coat hook wall? At this point, Frankie’s become one of our beloved home decor muses. And yet again, she did not disappoint with her reeded glass bathroom door.

‘Reeded glass, popularised during the art nouveau and art deco movements, has experienced something of a comeback in recent months,’ says Allan Reid of Artwindows&Doors

‘Reeded glass features parallel linear grooves on one or both sides of the glass surface. Various depths and widths are used when manufacturing reeded glass, with ridges used to diffuse light and add privacy. Sophisticated, decorative and functional, reeded glass can be used to complement an enormous variety of interior styles, making it well suited for the eclectic landscape of 2024 interior design. ’

A bathroom with a marble sink and reeded glass cabinets

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Grant Bates, popular London realtor and social media influencer who’s recently partnered with Beams, attributes this to the ‘hometel’ trend. ‘We've all spent more time at home in the last couple of years and started to upgrade our spaces, leading to a boom in hotel-style living. This can particularly be seen with bathrooms, and people are increasingly demanding design-led sanctuaries to escape to.’

While this finish can be applied onto bathroom cabinets and shower doors as well, the reeded glass trend is by no means limited to the bathroom and is a very popular choice for kitchens as well. Another celebrity couple opting for reeded glass on their kitchen cabinets is Zara McDermott and Sam Tompson for example.

A kitchen with an island and a pantry with reeded glass doors

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‘Reeded glass is exceptionally versatile and can be used in modular walls, doors and partitions. It can also be incorporated into kitchen cabinets to create a uniform, modern look while effectively disguising clutter,’ Allan explains.

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