Drew Barrymore's 'regular' bathroom utilises this affordable storage solution that will double the useable space

Fans have fallen in love with the actress' relatable bathroom

Drew Barrymore
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Drew Barrymore has been social media's hottest topic recently, following a glimpse into her bathroom which fans have fallen in love with as a result of looking far from fancy. Despite being an A-lister, Drew's bathroom is a breath of fresh air for fans all over Instagram, who have dubbed her space 'regular, comfortable, and normal'.

Often when we see celebrity homes online, they almost feel otherworldly and a far cry from what we see and experience daily. However, the actress-turned-talk-show-host appears to be just like us regular folk, even opting for similar bathroom storage ideas that we also reach for to maximise the most of her (surprisingly) small bathroom.

The storage solution in question? A freestanding corner shelving unit. That's right, even celebrities have to get crafty and utilise clever storage solutions in those awkward nooks and crannies. But, the best thing about Drew Barrymore's method of organising a bathroom is the fact that it's one of the most affordable and accessible options on the market.

'When it comes to bathroom storage, striking a balance between style and functionality can prove to be a difficult task, particularly with an ever-growing roster of trending toiletries and cosmetics to stow away,' begins Vlatka Lake, storage expert at Space Station. 'With this in mind, a much-loved piece emerges as the perfect solution: the corner shelving unit.'

'Though it's no new invention, it has recently taken to the spotlight after none other than actress Drew Barrymore revealed a snippet of her organised yet homely bathroom to her Instagram, with this ingenious storage solution propped in the corner of her shower.'

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Better yet, this shower storage idea is something that not only caught our keen eye but many fans in the comments of her recent Instagram video, too.

'I love that your bathroom looks like a regular person's bathroom and not super fancy, it's just comfortable and normal,' reads one comment with another response reading, 'That's what I was thinking too and she has one of those cheap plastic racks in there for all her toiletries. Brilliant.'

If you're pressed for space and can't quite stomach the task of decluttering your bathroom just yet, then a corner shelving unit is the perfect way to make way for all your toiletries in the meantime. Not to mention, it's especially useful for those who lack built-in bathroom shelving or need a renter-friendly solution.

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Simon Glanville, managing director at home storage specialists, A Place for Everything adds, 'Opting for a corner shelf unit will really help to keep a good flow of space in the bathroom as they neatly tuck away and won't become an obstacle, either visually or physically.'

And, while Drew has opted to use hers in the shower, corner shelving units can be used in any area of your bathroom to minimise the 'dead space' in the area. 'They take up minimal space, whilst offering a maximum amount of storage,' assures Simon. What's more, they come in various designs, materials, and sizes to suit your individual style and storage needs.

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Given their versatility in a bathroom, it's no wonder that corner shelving units are a must-have for so many homes – Drew Barrymore's bathroom included.

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