Bathroom tile trends 2024 – the inspiring new looks to have on your radar

Ensure you're up-to-date with all the latest looks, colours and styles

Terracotta bathroom with patterned tiles
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Whether you're looking to give your bathroom a simple refresh, or a totally new look, seeking out bathroom tile trends and knowing exactly what bathroom tile trends are popular this year, will put you in a good place to begin your transformation. 

While we obviously don't advocate changing your bathroom tile ideas every year, if you're about to embark on a bathroom project and are looking for inspo, knowing the inside skinny on bathroom tile trends before you start, might help guide your choice.

When speaking to the industry experts about their predictions for 2024, it seems most agree that marble bathroom ideas are still big business. But it's not just about the materials you choose, but the colours and finishes too so it's worth reading on to find out more.

Tiles are a wonderful way to add colour, pattern and interest to a room. Plus, you can easily create impact with just a few, or equally by covering large swathes of a space. 

While you don't want to be redoing your space to align with bathroom tile trends every year, if you change your style over the years, replacing tiles is less expensive than completely renovating the room. This makes tiles one of the easier and more affordable ways to update a bathroom. 

Check out the top bathroom tile trends for 2024 below to inspire your own bathroom ideas and designs.  

1. Go for geometric

Bathroom tile trends with geometric pastel tiles on floor

(Image credit: Ca Pietra)

Geometric bathroom tiles are back on trend and are great for adding interest to a small wash space. We've seen wallpapered bathrooms rise in popularity over the last year, especially in downstairs WCs where it's easier to go for a high-impact look, but if wallpaper isn't your thing then patterned tiles will have a similar effect. 

'I find that geometrics work particularly well in the bathroom. For clients who appreciate beguiling contrasts and bold details, I encourage a daring ‘jewel box’ powder room,' recommends interior designer, Naomi Astley Clarke.

'Glossy floor-to-ceiling geometric tiles catch the light beautifully, creating a sense of space and added intrigue,' continues Naomi. 'I’m a big believer that even the tiniest of loos should thrill as much as they function.'

'If you opt for an eye-catching tessellated design, I recommend incorporating a few of the pattern’s accent colours into the rest of the room using plain textiles to give your scheme space to breathe.'

2. Earthy tones

Terracotta bathroom with patterned tiles

(Image credit: Ca Pietra)

Rich, warm earthy tones have been some of the most popular bathroom colour schemes of the year, as they create an inviting aura perfect for relaxing in.  

'Earth-inspired hues have a natural appeal in the bathroom as they create an inviting and serene atmosphere while providing a neutral colour base that avoids being one-dimensional,' explains Ashley Cooper, marketing director at Triton Showers. 'Don’t shy away from experimenting with textures and materials with this trend, as it will help add interest.'

'Depending on personal preference you can work with either a warm or cool palette to achieve an earthy look,' says Ashley. 'Consider traditional warm colours like terracotta and hickory or delve into the other end of the colour wheel with muted tones like sage green, cashmere, taupe and stone grey.'

'There’s so much flexibility with how you can welcome these natural tones into your bathroom, earthy cabinetry is a great option, or accessories can provide a solution that is easy to rework if you fancy a change at a later date.'

3. Whimsical style

Traditional blue abthroom with tiled shower

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Whimsical, traditional-inspired designs are set to be huge in kitchens for 2024, so it's only natural that the trend has made its way to bathrooms too.  

When it comes to choosing bathroom tiles that fit this eclectic yet homely trend, Ashley recommends to 'Start by creating the perfect colour palette with soft, pastel hues, such as pale pinks and yellows and muted blues. Pair this base with floral prints in the form of wallpaper or artwork for a feminine, romantic feel.' 

'Finish the look with simple silver or chrome brassware, along with a vintage-look shower that will perfectly complement the wider scheme. To create a more homely look, add personal touches such as plates and framed pictures to the walls, as this will help bring the look together.'

4. Micro tiles

Bathroom tile trends with green tiles behind bath

(Image credit: Ca Pietra)

In previous years we've seen large-scale tiles take precedent, but in 2024 - the smaller, the better.  

Many people avoid micro tiles in a bathroom because of the amount of grouting, but they're well worth the extra faff for the sweet, detailed look. If you're really adverse, we recommend choosing a select area like behind a bath or sink to feature the tile trend. 

'You can lay these tiles on your floors (think a border to break up a larger flagstone tile or solo looks great too) equally, you can run them up your walls (try them vertically to create a divine bath panel),' recommends Grazzie Wilson, head of marketing at Ca Pietra. 'Point being, get playful, decide if you’re in the gloss or matt camp, pick a tone and tile away.'

5. Mix matt and gloss tiles

Bathroom with half wall tiled in gloss blue tiles and half wall tiled with white marble tiles

(Image credit: Craven Dunnill)

You might not have thought about the idea of mixing up your finishes on your chosen bathroom tiles, but this simple consideration could really change up the look and feel of your space and is a great example of a modern bathroom tile idea.

'Usually when we consider mixing and matching tiles, our instinct is to choose the same style, just in differing shades,' notes Diane Hyde, Marketing Manager at Craven Dunnill. 'Now, the combination of matt and gloss tiles of the same colour is trending. This creates a unique design with an understated patterned effect where the gloss finish catches light, creating a sense of space and contrasting the neighbouring matt tiles.'

6. New neutrals

Beige bathroom of tiled walls and ceiling with white bath and double white sink

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Looking to create a calm and serene setting to unwind in? Then perhaps steer clear of too much colour and opt for a more neutral colour palette instead, focusing on one particular colour you might not have expected...

Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs says, 'In 2024, we’re seeing beige bathroom ideas becoming popular in bathroom tiles too. However, they are anything other than boring. Styled the right way, they can help to create a sense of calm and they harmonise with most colours on the colour wheel, allowing you to bring in other colours as and when you choose.’

'The warm tones associated with beige will also make their way into trends such as spa bathrooms, giving them a much warmer edge to them. This will be done with warm, honey veining to the marble tiles.’

7. Think pink

A pale pink bathroom featuring fluted pink tiles and a white stone basin

(Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

Another more muted shade that is looking popular for 2024 is pale pink. And in a format as striking as these Fluted pink decor wall tiles, £48m2, Porcelain Superstore, it's no wonder Abbas Youseffi, Director at Porcelain Superstore predicts them to be one of their biggest sellers this year. 'We are seeing a real surge in demand for pink tiles, in particular, lighter blush pinks', he says.

'Although pink tiles are normally associated with girly or feminine aesthetics, they are great at modernising your home and creating stylish and unforgettable spaces,' explains Antonia Clayson, Design Expert at  Victorian Plumbing. 'Pastel pink adds a touch of warmth and character, as well as establishing a space that visitors will notice and appreciate. Pink bathroom tile trends also coordinate well with many other colours. This is perfect if you are wanting to include greenery or bold accessories.'

Consider colour pairings with pink when deciding on your bathroom renovation ideas. 'Team pink tiles with darker accessories for an industrial feel. Or opt for white features for a summery, pastel style scheme.'

8. Green theme

bathroom with printed walls and plant in white pot

(Image credit: Tile Giant)

Green bathroom tiles are one of the bathroom tile trends that are continuing from from 2023 into 2024. 

‘Green works wonderfully in the bathroom, offering a calm and restorative atmosphere to relax in,' notes Kamila Swiatecka, marketing and brand manager, Tile Giant. 'To tap into the biophillic oasis trend, pair green tiles with crisp white and natural wood details to create a room that’s as relaxing as it is elegant. Mint green is an ideal shade as it has a fresh, vibrant feel that will open up your space.'

For a more dramatic take on the green bathroom tile trends, look at statement glossy options. 'With more of us opting for statement looks in our bathrooms, green glossy tiles are an easy choice to create the ultimate WOW factor!,' says Antonia Clayson, Design Expert, Victorian Plumbing. Green bathroom ideas are ideal. The colour compliments white ceramics and coordinates perfectly with neutral colours and textures to remind us of the great outdoors.'


We know they've been popular, but you shouldn't discount subway tiles from your bathroom design just yet. 

'Subway or metro tile bathroom ideas are a timeless classic and as such, aren’t going out of fashion and remain popular,' says Lee Read of Easy Bathrooms. 'While there are other shapes and styles that are superseding in popularity at the moment, such as geometric or bamboo style tiles, overall, they are still a very popular choice.'

Abbas Youseffi of Porcelain Superstore agrees. 'Subway tiles are eternally popular, especially in white. Plus, they are perfect for those on a budget, especially given the cost-of-living squeeze. They are simple but will have a massive impact. However, if budget does allow, there are many other exciting tiles to explore, so be brave with your choices!' 

If simple is your bag, then subway tiles will be a great choice. However, if you're looking to jazz up your bathroom tiles then consider switching up the lay pattern or even choose a more textured finish. 

Laura Popek of Ripples suggests mixing up how you use them. 'Subway tiles are still popular but more and more we're seeing them used in interesting and unusual formats. A herringbone layout is particularly popular at the moment, as is laying subway tiles vertically, rather than the more traditional horizontal layout.'

Ruth says, 'Geometric tilework is a big trend for 2024 and allows you to be bold and put your creativity to the test. Popular geometric patterns include hexagons, bricks, chevrons and parquet-like designs, and for a contrasting aesthetic opt for this in a monochrome colour scheme. This style can be combined with simple bathroom furniture to complement the statement tiling.'

Geometric tiles work especially well for an all-over, enveloping look in small washrooms, or paired with tiles of different textures or colours in a  large space for more depth. 

Diane Hyde of Craven Dunnill highlights a trend in using coloured bathroom grout to accentuate tile colours. 'Grout used to be simply functional – to hold tiles in place. But grout is no longer something to hide. It’s a design-led choice that elevates and accentuates the tiles it borders. Bright cobalt blue or cherry red grout pairs beautifully with our ultra-glossy white Samara tiles. Or for an elegant yet moody space, black grout makes green tiles such as our Chroma Field Tile in ‘laurel’ really stand out.'

Looking to find out how to grout tiles? There are plenty of resources online to help and it's actually easier than you might think to do it yourself.

If you're looking for bathroom colour ideas, coloured tiles could be the way to go. Pink has been a popular choice for years and isn't going anywhere, but there is some wiggle room in the trends palette for warmer, earthy tones for an elevated spa-feel. 

Diane Hyde of Craven Dunnill cites Terracotta as a big bathroom tile trend for 2024. 'This year, colour schemes are warming up and terracotta is having a resurgence. Providing a rustic, earthen texture, terracotta feeds the prevailing desire to connect our interiors with the natural world.' 

Ruth Foster of Victoria Plum agrees, 'Natural stone colours and materials will continue to move up the ranks in popularity during 2024 too, in particular terracotta and slate for wall and floor tiling.'

Laura Popek of Ripples thinks a more nature-inspired shade will be big this year. 'Green tiles are the most popular choice in bathrooms right now, especially forest green and other deep, rich tones.'

Which trend takes your fancy? From bold patterns to muted earthy tones, there's a bathroom tile trend to suit every taste and budget. 

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