These are the most extreme places we hide Christmas presents – are you guilty?

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  • Discover the weird and wonderful ways we try to keep gifts hidden until the big day

    We all know the secret hiding places our parents chose every year right? Under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe, behind the shoes. Having to hide Christmas presents from inquisitive kids is no easy task – that much is evident from the more and more extreme places we’re finding to hide them.

    In the Freezer, under the floorboards and in a hole in the garden were among the most extreme hiding places for Christmas presents.

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    New research has revealed that 91 per cent of British parents have hidden Christmas parents from their children. Revealing also 59 per cent have gone to lengths to hide presents from their partners.

    *Disclaimer The gifts parents hide are extra, they are NOT the presents from Santa – no spoilers here!

    Where are we hiding Christmas presents

    1. Under the bed

    Hiding Christmas presents

    Image credit: Alun Calender

    It’s no shock that this came out as the most popular place to hide gifts, with 22 per cent of the vote. Under the bed is easily accessible, with no danger of anything falling and breaking etc. However you have to be pretty trusting of your family not to snoop because it’s hardly the hardest place to think of!

    2. In a wardrobe

    hide Christmas presents

    Image credit: Jon Day

    The wardobe is another logical place to hide them, with 19 per cent admitting this was their preferred place to hide presents.

    3. In the garage

    In many properties the only thing that doesn’t live in the garage is the car, so this claiming 15 per cent of the vote is not surprising.

    4. In the loft/basement

    11 per cent revealed they went to straight to the hatch to stash the presents in the loft or basement.

    5. In an airing cupboard

    hide Christmas presents

    Image credit: Ashley Morrison

    In among all the freshly laundered clothes and towels is where 10 per cent hide their gifts.

    Some of the more extreme hiding places were as follows

    1. In the freezer
    2. In a waterproof bag placed in a hole in the garden
    3. Under the floorboards
    4. Rented storage unit especially for Christmas presents! (THAT IS EXTREME, how big are these gifts?!)
    5. In a lampshade

    Hide Christmas presents

    Image credit: Claire Richardson

    A further 13 per cent of respondents revealed that they had wrapped decoy presents, to throw recipients off the scent.
    When asked if the presents they had hidden had been found, almost one in three admitted that they had. Of those, 62 per cent revealed that the presents had been opened before the big day.

    The survey revealed one in three have had presents found by the recipient. While two fifths admitted to going on the hunt themselves, for their presents and were successful at seeking them out.

    The study, in which 2,648 UK-residents over the age of 18 were polled, was undertaken by premier windows furnishing company Thomas Sanderson.

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    Will you now be switching up where you hide Christmas presents this year?

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