Pink roses, tulips or daffodils – what does your choice of Mother's Day flowers say about her?

Either way, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a beautiful bouquet

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many of you may be struggling with last minute gift ideas to honour the special woman in your life. But instead of panic-buying overpriced jewellery or another bottle of scented body polish, why not opt for a thoughtful and beautiful bouquet of flowers instead?

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According to the experts at online florists Bloom & Wild (and they should know), they are specific flowers you can buy to best suit your mum’s personality. Which we think is far more meaningful than another gift voucher!

So whether your mum is a traditionalist, or likes to take a modern approach to parenting, we’ve listed some of the best flowers to gift her this Sunday…

The best flowers to buy your mum for Mother’s Day

Tulips for the affectionate mum

white walls window table with vase and lotus flower

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Tulips are often associated with love so are a perfect choice if the woman in your life isn’t shy about showing some affection. Caroline Grimble, the lead florist at Bloom & Wild, says, ‘With their lollipop colours and playful movement, they’ll liven up any day. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet for colour lovers.’

And with colour options ranging from red to yellow, there are so many beautiful arrangements that can be catered to suit your mum’s taste perfectly.

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Pink roses for the matriarchal mum

flower pot with white walls and roses

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Pink roses are a go-to for signalling your long-term affection. They also denote grace, and with their timeless beauty they are the perfect symbol of admiration, which makes them a solid pick for your mum. ‘Opt for bold and bright roses with splashes of green to really brighten her day,’ says Caroline.

Daffodils for the traditional mum

daffodils flower with scissor and blur background

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Daffodils are often referred to as the flowers that symbolise friendship, which is a lovely sentiment considering many people’s first friend was their mum. So a cheery bouquet of these brightly coloured flowers is sure to put a smile on her face.

Blush tones and Snapdragons for the modern mum

blush tone flower with snapdragon flower table with cushions and white walls

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Snapdragons gain their unusual name from the mythical creature they resemble. When the flower is gently squeezed, it apparently makes it look like a dragon’s head. While you may think this is a strange option to gift someone you love, a snapdragon actually means grace and strength, which perfectly describes plenty of mums out there.

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And if your mum isn’t a fan of traditional roses, then Caroline says, ‘Blush tones and snapdragons make the perfect present for a contemporary mum.’

What flowers will you be buying this year?