The Furbo treat dispenser and pet camera is a dog’s best friend

Go fetch! Get £40 off a Furbo for a limited time only

Hate leaving you dog home alone? Then meet Furbo – the perfect way to keep an eye on your furry friends.

Loaded with a Full HD, wide-angle web cam, Furbo captures every wag or woof, so you won't miss a moment of their antics.

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dog playing furbo

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Download the free Furbo app and you can live stream from your home straight to your Apple or Android phone. There's a 4x digital zoom so you can get a close up of your pooch, and night vision so you can see what he or she is up to after dark. Sleeping, we hope!

Is your pup doing something hilarious? It's easy to take a snap or start recording video to save for posterity. And you can upload your footage to social media with one tap. It's also handy for recording bad behaviour. Now you can show the kids exactly why it's not a good idea to leave food in their school bags, then dump them on the kitchen floor. And if your pet is poorly, you could take the footage and show it to the vet.

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furbo with pug

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Our favourite feature of Turbo, however, is its food-flinging abilities. If your dog has been good boy or girl, press a button in the app, and Turbo will toss out a pre-loaded treat. It can hold up to 100 treats at a time, and we're told round, 1cm wide bites work best.

Built-in microphones mean you can also talk to your pet as you reward it... or tell it off if it's being naughty. You'll also get an alert if your dog starts barking, giving you an opportunity to soothe them, or ask a neighbour to pop round and check on them.

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room with furbo dog camera

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Out today, the Furbo is available exclusively from Amazon. And for a limited time only, you can get £40 off if you enter FORFURBO at checkout.

Buy now: Furbo dog camera, £239.99, Amazon

We think it would make a 'te-ruff-ic' (!) Christmas present for a dog lover or family of them. Sorry. We'll show ourselves out...

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