Is your gnome safe? These lovable garden dwellers are under attack – and they are not alone

Surge in garden thefts leaves gnomes and other valuable possessions on the most-vulnerable list

Our gardens are considered a personal sanctuary. In recent months our little havens have been under attack from petty theft. It's with heavy hearts we reveal the humble garden gnome is one of the most commonly stolen items.

Research commissioned by Hive, one of the UK’s leading smart home technology providers, found four in 10 homes have had items stolen from their garden. From bikes to plant pots and even our beloved garden gnomes.

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‘Our research reveals a significant number of people have experienced theft or damage to possessions outside their home,’reveals Tom Guy, global product director at Centrica Hive. ‘With everything from bicycles to garden tools to plants being targeted. Sadly, even the much loved gnome is under threat.’

Garden gnomes protest for protection

gnome protest

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To plea for their cause and combat this growing problem, a group of garden gnomes protested outside London City Hall.  But how can we stop this happening and help the little fellas?

To offer a solution Hive has introduced smart indoor and outdoor security cameras, giving peace of mind that how homes and garden are protected people’s home.

‘With the arrival of smart security, such as our Hive View Outdoor, homeowners can now get greater peace of mind in knowing they can easily protect their property, says Tom. ' Homeowners are quickly alerted if their home, or their gnome, is getting any unwanted attention.’

garden gnome

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Top 10 possessions stolen from our gardens

1. Bicycles
2. Plant pots
3. Garden tools
4. Plants and shrubs
5. Garden gnomes and other garden ornaments
6. Delivery packages
7. Hanging baskets
8. Children's toys
9. Outdoor furniture
10. Solar lights

The poll of 2,000 adults found those who have been victims of theft had, on average, at least three belongings stolen. Other items to go missing from our own backyards include garden tools, solar lights and outdoor furniture – also, rather shockingly, internet orders left outside by delivery drivers.


(Image credit: Ideal Home)

Is your garden security as good as it good be?

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We say leave our gnomes alone!


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