Why you need to add a houseplant mister to your shelfie this weekend

They look great on a shelf and your houseplants will thank you
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  • We love the look of a slightly imperfect display of trinkets, candles and photo frames on a shelf, as it always tells us something about its owner. Since we discovered the world of chic glass houseplant misters, we’ve been obsessed.

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    Here’s why you need to add a mister – or atomiser – to your shelfie pronto.

    shelves with houseplants and mister

    Image credit: Habitat

    Much like a vase, a pile of vintage books, or a decorative jar, a houseplant mister is simply a pleasing addition to your shelf. There’s something nostalgic about the fluted glass, bulbous design and angled metal spray dispenser.

    It looks a little like something you might pick up at a car boot sale but in the best possible way. Not only do they look good, they’re also highly functional.

    A houseplant mister is indispensable for maintaining luscious foliage – particularly during the hot weather. Houseplants absorb water through their leaves as well as their roots.

    pink glass plant mister

    Image credit: Ella James

    Just like us, plants can get dehydrated and sunburnt in a heatwave. If the weather’s wreaking havoc with your sleep, check out our piece on how to keep a bedroom cool during hot weather.

    These stylish accessories are a simple way for any plant lover to add character to their home, while helping our best house plants live their best life. We spoke to James Folger, founder of houseplant delivery company The Stem on why you need to mist your plants as the weather heats up.

    First up, he reminds us that it’s crucial to keep plants hydrated during the longer, warmer days of summer. ‘Your plant will need more frequent watering – wilting, or curling leaves are a tell-tale sign of too little water,’ says James.

    side table with houseplants and mister in a green painted room

    Image credit: Habitat

    In hot weather, it’s all the more important to boost humidity, which your mister will help with. James says that bunching plants together and misting them regularly will help.

    ‘There are some very stylish misters out there at the moment that look great on display with your plants too,’ he comments. For more shelving ideas for any budget, take a look at our roundup.

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    The glass misters are a great accessory for plant parents, while helping them to keep plants healthy. What’s not to love?

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