Are you storing your potatoes all wrong? It's the kitchen storage debate dividing the internet!

How should we store potatoes is a simple question, but what is the correct answer?

When you have a question about something you ask Google right? Or as is common place nowadays you ask like-minded folks on a trusted Facebook group. This week's question of the week, spotted on the Cleaning Tips & Tricks page is one on kitchen food storage.

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'Where does everyone store their Potatoes to make it look clean in the kitchen?' asks one group member. Within 24 hours the post had received 526 responses, of shared storage ideas for this food staple. But with many getting it wrong, according to the experts.

How to store potatoes

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There seems to be a theme of wanting to hide this less attractive veg out of view, to stop the kitchen looking messy. Which as it turns out is good because according to experts they should be kept in a cool, dark place – and it's very important to know how to store food to make it last longer.

But for many they believe potatoes are best kept in the fridge. In fact over half of the responses to the Facebook question agreed that potatoes last longer when stored in the fridge.

'Ive always put them in the fridge, as I do with onions, garlic etc' says one fellow member. 'I also put mine in the refrigerator. They last longer' writes another. But experts advise this is  not good practice.

When asked about storing potatoes in the fridge the Food Standards Agency say, 'Store raw, unpeeled potatoes in a cool, dark place, like a cupboard. Do not store in the fridge. Potatoes stored in the fridge can form more sugars, which can mean higher levels of acrylamide when the food is cooked roasted and fried.'

More than a few respondents offer the same help tips about how to store potatoes for freshness 'Don’t store with onions - store with an apple the potatoes will last longer.'

marble worktop with potato storage and carrot

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Could this savvy storage solution be the answer? Lakeland explain, ‘Made from breathable material with a liner that blocks out light and prevents potatoes turning green. The bag allows air to circulate, keeping your spuds in a breathable environment.'

With a flat base and side opening this simple freestanding storage bag is ideal for sitting on a shelf or inside a cupboard. 'The ‘trap door’ opening allows you to take out the potatoes that were dug up or bought first, helping to minimise waste.’

Buy now: Potato Bag with Button Tie Closure, £6.99, Lakeland

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Where do you store your spuds?


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