IKEA’s next lampshade has just landed – and we think it’s set to be another lighting icon

An elegant upgrade on the original REGOLIT lampshade
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  • The original REGOLIT IKEA paper lampshade was a quick fix to soften the light and instantly make any space cosier. However, if you’re lampshade has seen better days, IKEA has brought out a new iconic pendant lamp.

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    The RISBYN IKEA paper lampshade is a quirky twist on the round pendant paper lampshade. The RISBYN still features the glorious curves of the original lampshade but is shaped more like an onion.

    New IKEA paper lampshade

    IKEA paper lampshade 1

    Made out of rice paper, the new IKEA paper lampshade includes details in light birch veneer to give the lamp a natural and stylish look. When lit up, a lovely scalloped detail created by the double layer of rice paper shines through.

    Priced at £15, the new lampshade is a little more expensive than the original round IKEA lamp we’ve all come to love. However, the RISBYN lampshade is like its more sophisticated older sibling – the perfect upgrade if you’re looking to give your home a more grown-up look.

    IKEA paper lampshade 4

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    IKEA promises that the paper lamp will help create a soft and cosy atmosphere in your bedroom or living room.

    Put your spin on the lampshade by combining it with your choice of cord set. We’re particular fans of the copper coloured or gold cord if you want to add a bit of glamour to the lamp. Or if you prefer to keep things simple stick with a plain white cord.

    IKEA paper lampshade 2

    IKEA recommends pairing the lamp with an opal light bulb if you want an even, diffused distribution of light. However, you could give the traditional paper lampshade a high tech boost by pairing it with one of the IKEA smart bulbs.

    The TRÅDFRI smart LED bulb can be controlled from a remote control or an app. It allows you to choose between three colours and change from warm to cold light.

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    Will you be upgrading your IKEA paper lampshade?

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