IKEA has launched a revolutionary new and affordable Smart Lighting range

Would you buy IKEA's new remote-controlled hot and cold lighting range? We think you'll be persuaded...

Thos clever bods at IKEA have revealed a revolutionary Smart Lighting collection that works from inside a new type of LED bulb. Set to be introduced in UK stores and online in April next year the technologywill allow people to change the quality of the light between hot and cold using a remote control.

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The 'plug and play' solution means that customers can merely swap their current light bulbs with an IKEA TRÅDFRI LED bulb without having to rewire their home.

IKEA's home tech innovation initiative, ‘Home Smart', carried out research into the way that lighting can affect people's well-being and intellectual abilities. The research found that cold lighting was best suited to studying, while warm lighting provided the best atmosphere for relaxing and socialising.

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Smart lighting is not a new invention, having been around for some years, but IKEA is the first to make it an affordable and accessible feature.

Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart said: "Through home visits and research we identified that existing technology is perceived as being too expensive and difficult to understand. With this in mind, we set out to make the TRÅDFRI dimming kit easy to use and affordable."

The collection includes LED bulbs, lighting panels and doors, all of which are controlled through the remote control. Because the technology for changing the light is found inside the bulb itself, TRÅDFRI can be used in any light fitting with the standard socket sizes.

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The launch will mark IKEA's first steps in smart lighting and the second 'Home Smart'
product, which began with the launch of wireless charging products for mobile phones. 'Home Smart'
was created by IKEA to make smart home technology more affordable and will continue to develop ranges over the next few years.

The new IKEA collection will initially be launched in four pilot markets: Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium. All other countries in Europe and North America will launch Smart Lighting products in April 2017.

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