Who said sustainable living can’t be stylish?

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  • Ikea looks at the ways we can be environmentally conscious around the home with a little finesse

    Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to help reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the Earth’s natural resources. We can all do our bit to help and Ikea proves that change can start at home.

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    From simple energy saving light bulbs, to furniture made from recycled materials, Ikea is constantly striving to create beautiful, functional products for the home that can go along way to helping the world we live in.

    sustainable-living-ikea range

    On cold evenings the temptation to have the heating cranked up to the max for hours on end is great we know. We’re not suggestion you don’t have it on at all, but consider the value of layering up with warming knitted throws. Using extra layers can help to keep you toasty while conserving both money and energy. Even better for this cause is Ikea’s Jennyann throw, woven using 100 per cent sustainably sourced cotton making it cosy with an environmental conscience.

    Buy now: Jennyann Throw, £25, Ikea

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    Being kinder to the environment doesn’t have to make you uncomfortable! The Odger chair offers the best of both worlds, comfort thanks to it’s curved shaped seat and a nod to sustainable living thanks to the materials it’s made with. This design is constructed of  30 per cent wood, a renewable source, and at least 55 per cent of the remaining material is recycled plastics.  As you can see the finished product is far from rubbish, it’s rather fabulous in fact.

    Buy now: Odger Chair, £65, Ikea

    sustainable-living-ikea range-range

    The kitchen is a great place to start making small conscious lifestyle changes to do your bit in helping the planet. Waste is an inevitable part of our everyday lives, whether desposing of packing or preparing food, there’s always an element of waste. Implementing an easy recycling system, such as easily accessible stackable bins, makes it easier than ever to separate waste materials ready for recycling.

    Buy now: Sortera Waste Sorting Bin, £5.75, Ikea

    As we become more environmentally conscious switching to energy saving lighting is a no-brainer. Low energy bulbs help by using less energy for an everyday need., in turn saving money on our energy bills

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    Ikea is passionate about living a more sustainable life at home, stating it as one of the most important factors in creating ‘the wonderful everyday’.

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