What colour is it? Internet divided over THIS Farrow & Ball shade

This has left us scratching our heads too!

Leading British paint and wallpaper manufacturer Farrow & Ball is famed for its library of historic hues, and its colour palette is often the go-to choice for anyone giving their period home a sympathetic refresh.

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And while the iconic brand rarely falls out of favour with interiors fans, a recent post on the company's official Instagram has left Farrow & Ball followers completely divided.

The post of an adorable mutt sitting outside a statement entranceway looks innocent enough at first glance, and with its cute credentials and country charm it's little wonder that it has racked up more than 6,600 likes and 72 comments.

But although many were focused on praising this picture perfect scene and commenting on features such as the unusual door knocker and pristinely painted door, others were completely distracted by the #BlueGray description.

On it's website Farrow & Ball describes the colour in the following way: 'With its subtle mix of blue, green and black pigments, Blue Gray creates the most relaxed of rooms that feel as if they have always been there. It is a cooler, more weathered version of French Gray and has the same almost magical quality of gently shifting between blue and grey depending on the light and time of day.'

And despite being an authority on paint and paint provenance, many leaped to question the brand on whether or not this description was accurate arguing that the shade was green, and green alone.

One wrote: 'I'm seeing a sage green colour!'

While another questioned: 'What is the palest green neutral that you do please? @farrowandball 😊'

A third continued: 'Looks so green?'

A fourth concurred: 'I agree looks green!'

A quick scan of Instagram for pictures using the #farrowandballbluegray definitely reveals the colour in a different light.

The above kitchen dresser certainly looks closer to grey on the colour spectrum.

And the same can be said of this staircase.

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However, we'd definitely say there's a green tinge to this bedroom wall.

How would you describe Farrow & Ball's Blue Gray paint?