Calling Interior Design Masters fans! We’ve tracked down the shows famous green sofa

It could be in your living room tomorrow

BBC Two's Interior Design Masters has been bringing us a welcome dose of inspiration for our own homes each week. But if, like us, you've also been eyeing up Michelle and Alan's gorgeous green sofa, we have all the details.

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The sumptuous sofa was created by ‘sofa in a box’ company Swyft, which was launched early last year. The Model 01 Velvet 3 Seater Sofa in Vine appears on our screens at the end of each episode of the show. Michelle and her guest judge invite the bottom two teams to sit on the sofa and discuss what went wrong with their designs, while Alan holds back the tears ahead of the inevitable elimination.

Interior Design Master's green sofa

living room with green sofa and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Swyft)

While it's not somewhere the remaining hopefuls on Interior Design Masters wish to end up, we wouldn't mind lounging on it in the comfort of our homes. With its modern and sleek design, we think it could sit perfectly in our living rooms, working with a range of colour schemes.

room with green sofa and two people sitting on it

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Interior Design Masters, BBC Two)

Green is noted for its calming qualities, thanks to its associations with the natural world. This makes it an antidote to the familiar feeling of being stuck indoors. The vine green tone is rich and luxurious, and could be paired nicely with neutrals, tan brown or pink. Other than the colour, there are a few other reasons you might want to add this sofa to your wish list.

The depth of the sofa is 85cm, giving that indulgent extra bit of seating, plus the three cushions on the base mean no one gets the short straw if they're in the middle. Swyft says that all its three-seater models can be built in less than five minutes, without any tools. We very much like the sound of that.

room with green sofa and two people sitting on it

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Interior Design Masters, BBC Two)

You can get it within 24 hours as Swyft offers next day delivery on orders placed before 3pm, which saves waiting for 12 weeks on a waiting list elsewhere. Also featured on the show is Swyft’s Model 01 Velvet Armchair in Elephant and Model 01 Linen 3 Seater Sofa in Pumice.

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So if the velvet vine sofa was one of the main things that caught your eye during the return of BBC Two’s Interior Design Masters, you’re in luck. And for £995.00, it could be in your living room tomorrow.

Interior Design Masters continues on Tuesdays at 8pm, on BBC Two.

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