Sales of this kitchen gadget have soared at John Lewis

We're officially a nation of air fryer lovers

This year’s Shop, Live, Look report by John Lewis has revealed just how obsessed we are with air fryers. The handy kitchen appliance has been dubbed a product that defined the last year, with John Lewis' air fryer sales going through the roof.

Also on the list was the intriguing combination of trampolines, tents, Crocs and speedos... But it seems the best air fryers have really changed how we cook.

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John Lewis' air fryer sales

There was a 400% increase in John Lewis' air fryer sales this year. Marketed as a health-conscious purchase, many air fryer fans love them for how convenient they are. Their smaller size means they take much less time to pre-heat than the oven, and they beep when your meal is ready.

They also take very little looking after - just wash the drawer or put it in the dishwasher and it'll be ready to go again in the morning. The compact design means you won't need to rearrange your space - although smart kitchen appliance layout ideas will help keep your worktops feeling Marie Kondo tidy.

Ideal Home Ecommerce Editor Millie Fender bought one after her friend raved about hers, and is now an air fryer convert. 'Last year I used the Black Friday deals to pick one up, and it’s totally transformed the way I cook,' she says.

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'Especially working from home, being able to put a fishcake or a chicken fillet in the air fryer and set it to cook for a pre-set amount of time has been a huge convenience when making salads or speedy sandwiches,' she says.

Millie recommends airfryer newbies to try something like chips or your frozen favourites like fish fingers or veggie burgers. 'It’s true that air fryers do make amazing chips without the need to deep-fry,' she adds.

'I chop potatoes into wedges, toss them in a tablespoon of oil and some seasoning, and pour them into the air fryer basket for around 20 minutes. They also cook bacon brilliantly, leaving crispy rashers in around eight minutes, and because the fat renders and drains away, it’s also a healthier way to enjoy a bacon sarnie.'

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John Lewis' Shop Live Look report 2021

John Lewis' annual report looks back on the best-selling products and trends, giving an insight into our shopping habits. Back in 2017, the report showed a huge interest in unicorn and mermaid-themed accessories and pool inflatables.

Two years later, in 2019, we had linen bed sheets, reusable straws and smart doorbells. 'The unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021 have left a permanent mark on how we shop, live and look,' says Pippa Wicks, Executive Director at John Lewis.

'People have become clearer about what matters to them and their work-life balance has shifted towards life,' Pippa adds. As well as re-evaluating our working lives, we also became people that rave about air fryers.

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