John Lewis’ best Christmas adverts recreated in LEGO

Master builders have created LEGO versions of Buster the Boxer, Monty the Penguin, The Man on the Moon, The Bear and the Hare and the Snowman

The last five years of John Lewis’ heart string-tugging Christmas commercials have been immortalised forever using almost 10,000 LEGO bricks.

The store brought in Bright Bricks, a LEGO building company (note to self: send CV in immediately), to recreate the magic using the toy.

And it took seven expert builders a whopping 116 hours to LEGO-ify Buster the Boxer, the old Man on the Moon, our fave penguin Monty, the Bear and the Hare and The Snowman.

Buster the Boxer, 2016

1200 bricks, 23 hours

A dog on a trampoline, John Lewis, you have outdone yourself.

Man on the Moon, 2015

1700 bricks, 33 hours

The year we sobbed and resolved to volunteer at an old people’s home.

Monty the Penguin, 2014

2300 bricks, 22 hours

Sam tries to cheer up his sad penguin pal Monty, with adorable results.

The Bear and the Hare, 2013

2400 bricks, 20 hours

A classic animation, this one.The hare convinces the bear to go against nature, not hibernate, and see the magic of Christmas. Hurrah!

The Journey, 2012

1800 bricks, 18 hours

Remember this one? This is when John Lewis really started getting really epic with its ads. When a snowman mysteriously disappears from a family’s garden and embarks on a magical adventure to find the perfect present for his snowwoman.

You can see the builds in person in the Oxford Street store during the run up to Christmas.

Harry Boughton, toy buyer at John Lewis, said: “LEGO is one of our most enduring brands and is always a Christmas bestseller for us. We hope that these amazing displays will make our customers smile in the lead up to Christmas.”

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