John Lewis says that THIS will make your Christmas tree Instagram-worthy

See the hotly anticipated John Lewis Christmas tree decorating trends 2019

The John Lewis & Partners has just revealed its seven (yes, SEVEN!) new Christmas decorating trends and each one holds the key to creating the perfect Insta pic of your tree.

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The seven new trends cover all bases, with something for everyone's taste.

1. Snowscape trend

room with christmas tree gift boxes and armed chair with cushions

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Apparently, a white trend is always the biggest hit with the brand's customers. Think snowy white and icicle-style decorations, pretty ballerinas and frosted glass, with a delicate hint of eucalyptus green.

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2. Party trend

room with blue walls christmas tree and gift boxes

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Conceived by Dan and his team as the theme to bring you into 2020, this theme is less traditional and more celebratory. Neon disco shades pop against deep blue and navy colours with sequinned, star and showgirl-shaped decs.

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3. Sanctuary trend

sanctuary trend with butterflies birds in golden bowl

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Blush pink and nude shades combine to create a gentle, dreamy feel. Birds, ballerinas, butterflies and dreamcatchers all feature in this delicate and pretty trend.

Buy now: Sanctuary tree decorations, from £4, John Lewis & Partners

4. Campfire trend

campfire trend with pine cones leaves and golden bowl

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A combination of earthy colours and cute, quirky characters bring this look to life. Choose from a wide range of brush animals, pine cones and leaves, together with a whole load of camping paraphernalia-shaped decs.

Buy now: Campfire tree decorations, from £3, John Lewis & Partners

5. Garden Retreat trend

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Celebrating the 'grow your own' trend and pretty much anything to do with nature, this trend has already proved a hit on the John Lewis & Partners website where the decorations have been available since mid-August.

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6. Traditions trend

festive foddie decorations with cook book and apples

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While red may be the colour of a traditional Christmas, this year its been given a quirky update, with a hefty dose of nostalgia together with a host of festive foodie decorations.

Buy now: Traditions tree decorations, from £4, John Lewis & Partners

7. ABC trend

christmas tree with decorating items

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This one's for all the kids! Fabulous flamingos, dinosaurs, rainbows, robots and unicorns all in bright pops of clashing colour.

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The secret to making your tree Instagrammable

Each of the new trends at John Lewis & Partners features a number of oversized decorations, from massive mushrooms to large neon lit stars. Dan Cooper, Christmas Buyer at John Lewis & Partners, explains: 'The introduction of large decorations this year has been driven by Instagram. People love Instagramming their trees and its a very difficult thing to do when you have lots of different, small decorations. One of the tricks is to use something larger to create a focal point to anchor a photograph. All of our oversized decorations are very light, so they're very easy to hang on a tree.'

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What's more, every store will be offering special Treetorials from mid-October. These are free for customers to attend and don't need to be booked in advance.

Special free leaflets will accompany each of the Christmas decorating trends in-store explaining the looks and showing you how to recreate them on your tree at home.

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What do you think of the trends? Will you be Instagramming your tree this year?

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