If Kids dream Christmas trees were real – which of these would you choose?

From food trees to Dino trees their little imaginations have run wild with these festive creations

Christmas really is all about the kids. A time of magic and sparkling everything! With one of the most precious joys for Children, other than the anticipation of Santa's arrival – decorating the tree.

But their idea of well-decorated is sometimes very different to that of the grown ups. This year, Bloom & Wild asked 150 little ones to draw their perfect kids Christmas tree.

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Working with an illustrator to bring their favourite trees to life, they have highlighted the key kids Christmas trends to stand out.

room with christmas tree

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

The flower specialists left the brief very open, because they wanted to allow the little ones' imaginations to run wild. As the drawings began flooding in, the team at Bloom & Wild noticed some key trends emerging.

These are the Christmas tree trends little ones would love to see most this year...

Trend 1: A roarsome Christmas

christmas tree drawing

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

'Traditional baubles and tinsel are no longer the decoration of choice for little people. They’ve been replaced by creatures large and small. 8 per cent of our designers created trees with dinosaurs and 22 per cent featured dogs!'.

'Harry is dino mad, he loves them and is forever dishing out dinosaur facts to anyone that will listen. His tree is covered in dinosaurs.'

Trend 2: Edible decorations

cupcake with stick on it sketch

(Image credit: TBC)

It's all about food glorious food. 'Mince pies, chocolate, candy canes and even the odd turkey have featured on this year’s trees. It’s clear that our team of designers are excited about their favourite Christmas foods. We’ve also seen crisps, burgers and pizza decorations.' We think they’re an excellent choice too. After all, if you can’t indulge at Christmas, when can you?

'Thomas created a Christmas food tree using all his favourite sweet treats! He’d love this to be real so he could eat it!"

Trend 3: Techy trees

Don’t work hard, work smart. It's no surprise in the modern world we live in that tech trees proved popular among the sketches. 'One of our more techy designers created a tree with its own mechanical arms. Feeling too cosy to get off the sofa? Don’t worry. This tree can put all the decorations up itself.' We'd buy that tree for sure.

Trend 4: Eccentric tree toppers

christmas tree sketch

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

'Gone are the days of the classic angel topper. Even stars seem to be a thing of the past. Instead, our panel of designers have chosen more unconventional toppers, like football trophies, smiley faces and animal paws. Anything goes - so have some fun with this trend yourself next year.'

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Trend 5: Rainbow trees

'As expected, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in rainbow trees this year. In fact, 12 per cent of our designs were multicoloured. These have all been dedicated to our NHS workers for all of their incredible work. We think this is a fantastic way to show support for those that have cared for us most this year.'

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'Here at Bloom & Wild, creativity is in everything we do' explains Marisa Thomas from Bloom & Wild. 'And we think it’s really important that kids are encouraged to use their imagination from an early age.'

'It does wonders for their self-confidence. And can even help them learn how to concentrate too. But most of all, it’s fun! They get to express themselves without the worry of being right.'


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