The revolutionary antiviral spray every home needs – that works on skin and surfaces

Lakeland newly launch antiviral spray that kills 99.9999% bacteria

Lakeland are the experts when it comes to all things cleaning. In light of the global pandemic the specialists have been busy sourcing the very best products to keep our homes as clean and germ-free as possible.

The newest search has lead to the launch of Electrosan, an antiviral spray sanitiser which is free from alcohol, bleach, parabens and phosphates, but still has the ability to kill 99.99 per cent of all germs. Never before has a cleaning product ticked so many boxes!

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This advanced antiseptic disinfectant kills harmful enveloped viruses 99.99 per cent, bacteria 99.9999 per cent and spores 99.9 per cent. It can be used to sanitise hard and soft surfaces, perfect for any room in the house. And despite being bleach-free the smart Electrosan solution is just as effective as household bleach at killing germs. It's so safe in fact that it can be used on skin, so there's no harm to hands whilst cleaning around the home.

What does ‘kills 99.9999 per cent’ actually mean?

Lakeland explain, 'Of 1 million bacteria, products with a 99.9 per cent kill-rate leave 1000 bacteria still alive. Electrosan has a 99.9999 per cent kill rate, leaving less than one bacteria per million still alive.'

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Buy now: Electrosan Anti-Viral Skin & Surface Spray, £14.99, Lakeland

Where can Electrosan antiviral spray be used?

Doors and door handles
Garments and footwear
Children’s toys, soothers and nursery equipment
To eliminate mould and mildew
To disinfect surfaces after illness
Parcels and post
Cash – both coins and notes

The Skin and Surface Sanitiser Spray is also fragrance-free so there’s nothing in it to irritate skin and the non-sting formula means it can be used even on sensitive skin, including around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

How to use the antiviral spray

1. On the skin – Spray liberally and allow to dry.

2. Hard Surfaces – spray and wipe away organic debris from the surface, to sanitise, spray again allowing a contact time of at least 5 minutes before wiping away with a clean cloth. Babies’ soothers, toys and food preparation areas should be rinsed with water before use.

3. Soft Furnishings and Garments – spray onto the fabric and leave to dry. It may leave a white powder, but this will not harm fabric, and can be easily vacuumed away, although not suitable for more delicate fabrics such as silk.

4. Spritz fruit and vegetables – spray liberally onto the skin of the produce, leave for at least 5 minutes and then rinse with clean water before preparing.

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While the solution cleans it also deodorises, eliminating odours caused by bacteria. Another winning credential to win favour for cleaning busy households.

‘We think this exceptional all-round sanitiser will become a household essential, ideal for so many items around the home – from unpacking groceries in the kitchen to making sure baby’s soothers are germ-free' Lisa Meth-Cohn, Lakeland’s Buyer.

'It is perfect for sanitising shoes, bags, clothes and hands when entering the home after shopping trips, days out, or commuting on the bus, tube or train. it is also available in a handy travel-sized On-the-Go version.’

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Cleaning and following the guidelines is a must at this time. Hands, face, space.


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