Calling all Hinchers! These are the cleaning products you’ll be lusting after in 2020

Our pick of Lakeland's new cleaning products for 2020
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  • There are some new cleaning products on the block that are vying for space under your sink, promising to make 2020 the sparkliest (and cleanest) year to date.

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    Lakeland has launched a whole host of new cleaning products for 2020, from eco-friendly bathroom cleaners to bacteria-zapping guards. These are our top picks of what we’ll be using to spring clean out home this year.

    Lakeland’s new cleaning products 2020

    1. Wilton’s Botanical Range

    Wilton's cleaning products

    The trend towards making eco-friendly switches in the home continues to rise. And if eco-friendly cleaning products smell as good as Wilton’s Botanical homecare range, then we’re happy to swap!

    The collection includes laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing-up liquid and a multi-surface cleaner. The formulas are free from any chemical nasties. Instead, they are packed full of natural essential oils that will leave your home pristine and smelling amazing.

    Buy now: Wilton London Kitchen multi-surface cleaner, £3.49, Lakeland

    2. Bathroom WipeOut 365 Anti-Bac Liquid Guard

    Bathroom Wipeout 365

    If you are thinking about swapping to gentler cleaning products, but worry they won’t be a strong enough anti-bacterial, this special treatment will give you peace of mind. The anti-bac guard in Bathroom Wipe Out forms an invisible germ-killing barrier on hard surfaces in the bathroom such as taps, door handles and the toilets.

    Don’t be deceived by the small bottles. One coat of the primer and coating promises to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria for up to 12 months.

    Buy now: Bathroom WipeOut 365 Anti-Bac Liquid Guard Invisible Germ Barrier Kit, £19.99, Lakeland

    3. Dual Chamber Spray Mop

    Lakeland dual chamber mop

    Spray mops might not be brand new, but Lakeland’s latest update on the mop incorporates two chambers.

    If you have tiles in one room and wooden flooring in another you can fill the mop with two specialised cleaners. Simply flick between the two cleaning solutions with the lever on the front, and get your chores done in record time.

    Buy now: Dual Chamber Spray Mop, £34.99, Lakeland

    4. Deft Advanced daily shower spray

    Deft advanced daily shower spray

    There are plenty of daily shower sprays on the market, but we don’t know any that offer the same fine spray and even coating as this newbie on the cleaning block. If you’re new to daily shower sprays they claim to prevent limescale and soap scum building up in one quick spritz post-shower.

    Deft’s clever bottle uses compressed air and a clever tube covered in holes to release a continuous spray with just one squeeze of the trigger. That means no messy drips, essential for a daily shower spray. Plus it’s eco-friendly and smells amazing!

    Coming soon: Deft Advanced Daily Shower Spray, £4.99, Lakeland

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    Will you be adding any of these products to your cleaning cupboard?

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