Lidl bedding promises to put an end to sleepless summer nights

This innovative new summer bedding is set to help us keep cool and carry on snoozing

With the heatwave in full force, trying to get a good night’s sleep is becoming near on impossible. Could clever new Lidl bedding be set to change all that? The discount supermarket has perfectly timed its launch of a ‘sleep saver kit’, with prices from just £6.99, to help beat the heat.

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With temperatures set to soar to 34 degrees C this week, it’s proving difficult to keep cool. The stifling heat throughout the day only makes the nights more unbearably sweltering. Lidl’s revolutionary new bedding with built-in cooling technology allows for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Lidl bedding

Launching in stores this weekend, the innovative new duvet (from £9.99) and pillow (£6.99) are specially designed to control core body temperature. The climate control properties are due to its lightweight, environmentally friendly Cyclafill fibre filling and moisture-absorbing Feran Ice fabric finish.

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Lidl bedding

The cooling pillow will helped keep hot heads perfectly chilled.

Coming to stores this weekend: Meradiso Microfibre Feran Ice and Cyclafill Pillow, £6.99 or 2 for £12, Lidl

Lidl bedding

The clever cooling duvet is available as 3.7 tog in all standard sizes –  single (£9.99), double (£12.99) and King (14.99)

Coming to stores this weekend: Meradiso Microfibre Feran Ice and Cyclafill Duvet, from £9.99, Lidl

Lidl bedding

Catch a breeze with Lidl’s state of the art 16” Pedestal Fan – it’s coming back into stock this week!

Featuring advanced 3D motion oscillation the fan distributes cool air evenly throughout the room. The tall pedestal design would  make a welcome addition to any hot bedroom of a night. The fan also includes a sleep mode to ensure you get a thoroughly good night’s sleep – you don’t want white noise keeping you awake instead of the heat!

In stores tomorrow: Silvercrest 16” Pedestal Fan, £39.99, Lidl

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There’s no time like the present to head down to Lidl and snap up the sleep saving kit for under £60. The 16” Pedestal Fan drifts back into stores from tomorrow 26th July, and the bedding in stores from this Saturday 28th July.


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