Is Lidl’s new foot warmer cushion the new Slanket? It’s a love or loathe thing!

The Marmite home accessory is hitting stores this weekend
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  • Familiar with foot warmer cushion designs? It’s a new one to us too. But that very thing is the latest home accessory making it’s way to the Middle of Lidl this weekend.

    It is essentially a cushion that you pop your feet into, to keep them warm. Yes, that’s right – a cushion with pockets for your feet!

    Lidl’s quirky £4.99 Meradiso foot warmer cushion arrives in stores from this Sunday 22nd September, while stocks last.

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    Say goodbye to cold feet with this soft faux fur winter warmer…

    Lidl’s foot warmer cushion

    foot warmer cushion Lidl

    Photo credit: Lidl

    The Slanket is a hybrid of a blanket with sleeves, meaning you can wear it – for the fully immersive winter nights the sofa  experience. This gimmicky buy has been big news in recent years. Could the foot warmer cushion be the next big thing we all buy into for keep up cosy in front of the telly? The home accessory for living rooms that doubles as a wearable warming wonder!

    Essentially a giant two footed slipper, Lidl’s foot warmer cushion is a luxuriously plush cushion – soft faux fur on the outside and fleece-like sock inserts that burrow inside.

    Made to measure UK adult shoe size 4-11, it’s fit for all the family.

    Foot warmer cushion Lidl

    Photo credit: Lidl

    From the front this unsuspecting cushion is just a cosy looking faux fur number to add warmth to your sofa…

    foot warmer cushion lidl

    Photo credit: Lidl

    From the back, all is revealed! It has two pockets in which insert your feet to keep toes toasty. With temperatures dropping, not to mention Strictly Come Dancing airing this weekend, now’s the perfect time to sit back and relax with feet up and in the warm.

    The cushion comes in nude, brown or black – to match with any room decor.

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    It’s only a matter of time, if Lidl are stocking them, that we’ll see foot warmer cushions popping up everywhere.

    Will you be buying into this latest cost craze?

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