Working from home? Martin Lewis says you can still claim £6 a week – here's how

The money expert explains how we're owed for using our homes to work

Tonight on The Martin Lewis Money Show we saw how those working from home could still be owed money. Martin explains that we're entitled to claim tax back for using our homes to work, despite returning to the office for limited days.

The money-back revelation has proved great news for anyone who's found themselves working from home ever since the pandemic began in March. Martin has spoken about the £6-a-week claim before, but on tonight's show he revealed the new finding, on what it means if we're in the office back part time.

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Martin Lewis: claim tax back for home working

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In a segment called 'News-you-can-use' on his award-winning ITV show the money saving expert revealed a new revelation about calming tax back while working from home, 'If you are required to work from home and incur extra costs, let’s say heating or electricity then you can either get a £6 a week tax-free allowance from your employer – ask them’.

Although Martin is quick to add that with many employers struggling during the current climate they may not be able to provide it at the moment. 'If not then £6 a week of your monthly salary is tax free. Which is a £1.20 a week gain for base rate tax payers, £2.40 for higher.'

To claim you don't actually need proof, he explains. As long as you are working at home you are entitled to the £6, you don't need to itemise costs.  'If you have bigger expenses and you wanted to claim those you need to itemise them and allocate the proportion of those bills specifically to you working from home – so the £6 a week limit is a lot easier.'

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‘This is the new bit, I want to tell you about. I have confirmed, obviously the situation we have at the moment is that many people are going back to their workplace only one or two days a week – because of limited space due to Coronavirus safety' he begins to explain. 'So you might be at home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then in the office or another workplace Thursday and Friday. In that case even if you’re at home part time you can still claim the £6 a week.'

'In fact if you’re only at home one day a week, and you’re required to be – it’s all about being required to be –you can still claim. You need to use the P87 Form, it is complicated to fill in but there are articles online which will explain how to do it easily,' Martin adds helpfully.

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With the unsettling feeling of a looming possible second wave, we could end up working from home for the foreseeable future. Making this tip from Martin prove all the more fruitful.


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