Michelangelo’s Tuscan home goes on the market – take the tour!

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  • Paint like Michelangelo in the Tuscan hills at his former abode, but it will cost you a cool 7 figures - and we don't mean sculptures

    Michelangelo Buonarroti, artist extraordinar who was famed for the Sistine Chapel fresco amongst numerous other sculptures, paintings and poetry, purchased this rustic abode in the Tuscan hills in 1549 where he lived periodically until his death in 1564.

    Aptly named Villa Michelangelo, this grand property occupies 12,916 sq ft and is now on the market at €7,500,000 – complete with the original deed signed by Michelangelo himself.

    Set in the rolling hills of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena, this 8-bed property is an imposing figure on the horizon.

    Up a cobbled, grass sprouting drive sits the large, but rustic property. Glued together in a jigsaw of varying brick designs and colours, the estate of buildings stands at four storeys in parts and retains much of its ancient Italian charm.

    Stepping beyond the threshold of the domed door, it is clear the current owner has cared for the historic abode, no doubt feeling a huge responsibility to Michelangelo.

    Renovating it with an attentive hand (and paintbrush!), the residence is now a stunning home that marries character, history and modern day elegance.

    Retaining the same organic charm as the day Michelangelo painted there, the rooms are all replete with stone floors and wooden ceilings in the traditional Tuscan style.

    Rooms are decorated richly – Renaissance art adorns the walls and gilded French form furniture sits on top of richly embroidered rugs – but equally in a basic fashion with white walls and solid wood that is in keeping with its 16th century design.

    The kitchen is equipped with a traditional Aga and an even older oven – a large inglenook fire.

    We can just imagine dining al fresco here, tearing ciabatta and sipping on Limoncello with family and friends in the manicured gardens with undisturbed panoramas of the private six acre lot and Tuscan countryside beyond.

    For more info on the property, contact Handsome Properties International.

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