Mrs Hinch’s bedsheet hack – genius tip that’ll save space and keep sheets smelling fresh

Mrs Hinch has come to the rescue... again!
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  • Changing bedsheets can be both a chore and a bore. But maybe that’s about to change.

    We know that taking off and putting on new bedsheets sometimes means that matching sheets and pillow cases can go astray.

    But have no fear, because cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has once again come to the rescue with an ingenious tip. This time it’s how to keep your bedsheets grouped together.

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    Evening my Hinchers 👋🏻 I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far!! I’m loving life with my new washing line and my pegs 😉😂 So here’s one of my first reveal pics of one of the new rooms in the Hinch house extension and I can’t actually believe it’s our bedroom! I really hope you like it as much as I do! I am so in love with our new bed and fitted wardrobes! I’ve never had a wardrobe this size and if I’m honest it’s practically empty because I don’t really own that many clothes 🙈😂 I’ve realised since having this wardrobe that I buy too many cloths and not enough clothes! Our old master bedroom is still exactly the same but that’s now become our guest room 😀 so .. I would just like to share with you all the company I bought these pieces from, called @taylorbespoke ! I designed my wardrobe and bed from scratch , which was fun! I picked the perfect colours from the swatches and honestly designing and making exactly what I wanted was the best decision I’ve made! I can’t recommend Dan and his team enough! They can literally make whatever it is you’re after! Anything! The whole thing was so smooth running and my vision actually became a reality! So feel free to check them out guys! Also I must add my bed cushions were sent to me by the lovely @countryabodes (*gifted) and the chop on them is unreal 😉 and my ceiling light is the light of dreams 😍 thank you so much @theshabbystore (*gifted) I hope you all have a wonderful evening! Let me know what you think of our new set up in the comments! I’m sending you all lots of love xxx

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    The cleaning influencer, who has over three million followers on Instagram, shared another pearl of wisdom.

    She reveals that she stores all her bedsheets within the matching pillow case together, to stop them getting mixed up and lost.

    ‘Where do I keep my fresh bedding? I store the whole fresh bed set into the matching pillow case!” the caption read on Mrs Hinch Instagram story.

    Her army of followers then see her folding her pristine white sheets in her pillow case as she tucks them away.

    It’s a simple solution that puts a stop to mismatched pillows and duvets, as well as trips to the shops to buy new sheets.

    Scenting bedsheet hack

    bedsheet hack

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    And to keep her sheets smelling fresh while bundled up, she revealed another secret.

    Mrs Hinch recommends placing Lenor’s tumble dryer sheets in with her bedding to keep it smelling lovely for when it’s time to re-make the bed.

    And at only £2 for a pack of 34 sheets, that’s a lot of fresh bedding you can keep stored away.

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    AD| Hello my Hinchers! Well what an amazing way to end an amazing day. The love and support you all show me daily is beyond words and I can’t thank you all enough 💛 Now I don’t know about you guys but I love nothing more than crawling into fresh bed sheets at night and I’ve been excited to do this all day! This may sound odd but .. if anyone ever wanted to know what my bed actually smells like .. it’s spring awakening 🤣 A smell I literally need in my life 😍 Have you all seen the Lenor ad recently showing “BEDGASM” 😩😂 it cracks me up every time I see it because it’s so me! So here’s a couple of ways in which I make sure my bed is “bedgasm” ready, for the week ahead 😉 what’s yours? .. * Super soft bed sheets are a must * Wash all bedding in Lenor Spring Awakening Fabric Softener * Pop a Lenor Spring Awakening tumble dryer sheet into each pillow/cushion case * Karate chop your cushions * Admire your work 😉 And to top it off, the freshness lasts the WHOLE WEEK! Its the simple things 💙 #imahincher #mrshinch #Lenor #Bedgasm All #gifted items have been tagged

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    And the Mrs Hinch hints are always inspiring people to get handy at home. One savvy up-cycler created a stunning chair transformation for less than £35.

    While Mrs Hinch herself shared yet another hack, helping others get a streak-free clean for their windows thanks to an unusual £7 product.

    One for Hinchers: Mrs Hinch’s favourite disinfectant Zoflora is now available in limited-edition Midnight Blooms scent!

    Did you know about this simple, yet ingenious bedsheet hack? It’s a game-changer if not, trust us.

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